Rev. Pong Lai: Reflection on Blue Plaques Commemorating Hudson Taylor

May 24, 2012 01:33 PM EDT
Rev Pong Lai and his wife standing in front of the two blue heritage plaques commemorating Hudson Taylor  <br/>Provided by author
Rev. Pong Lai and his wife standing in front of the two blue heritage plaques commemorating Hudson Taylor. Provided by author

It was an great honor and unexpected blessing from the Lord to be able to attend the commemorative plaque unveiling ceremony commemorating Hudson Taylor's 180th birthday on 21st May 2012. The ceremony was held in Barnsley, Yorkshire, just a couple of miles from my residence.

I have been pastoring the Leeds Chinese church in Yorkshire and was invited to participate in the ceremony with some chinese believers. Barnsley is not particularly picturesque and the people there have a adorable stubborn streak. The Taylor family is not well-known locally. However, the motivation of an ordinary englishman's love for his Savior Jesus, dedication of his life to serving the Chinese people away in China, created an extraordinary missionary work.

Hudson's selfless love reflected the transformation in his life by Jesus Christ. He imitated the Lord Jesus to leave everything behind and committed himself to become part of "disciples". Hudson Taylor passed away in China after a life-long work evangelising in China. Hudson Taylor held a special place in the the hearts of many believers in China.

I had the opportunity to host Pastor James Hudson Taylor III, the grandson of Hudson Taylor, as a translator at the ordination of missionaries at my Hong Kong Parent Church a few years ago. I never imagined that today I have the opportunity to represent the Chinese church to commemorate his grandfather.

May the believers of today follow after Hudson's footsteps, committing themselves to the Lord and preach the gospel for the glory of the kingdom. Chinese believers should also carry the torch of the Gospel and run with fire after the great commission of the Lord.

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[Editor's note: Richardson Lau translated the article.]