Heavenly Melody Evangelized with Touching Performances Throughout Taiwan

Apr 26, 2008 06:32 AM EDT

TAIWAN - Beginning on Apr. 9, Heavenly Melody, a ministry under the umbrella of Overseas Radio and Television, Inc., began their mission tour in the major cities throughout Taiwan. Accompanied the evangelism team was a 4-year-old boy who has been suffering from physical illnesses and diseases, and his singing of the song “Your Hands are Always Bigger than Mine” with the group touched the hearts of the audience.

Not long after Brandon was born, his had to be hospitalized because of blood infection; when he was only five months old, he undergone surgery because of urinary problem; when he was ten month old, the doctors discovered a brain tumor, so he had to undergo brain surgery. When he was four years old, the brain tumor resurfaced, so he needed to get the brain surgery once again. Prior to the surgery, he and his mom prayed together asking the Lord Jesus Christ to help him to be “courageous”, which is the name of his favorite song in the Heavenly Melody’s album of “Leaving behind the love.” At the end of last year, Chen recorded the song “Yours is always bigger than mine.”

Brandon accompanied the Heavenly Melody evangelism team in the series of evangelism performances throughout the southern parts of Taiwan. He wanted to tell the world his testimony that “The Heavenly Father is the one who controls the niverse and the flowers. With his support, the heavens will not fall.”

Simon Hung, president of Overseas Radio and Television, coordinated the programs for these series of performances. Putting together songs, musicals, and body expressions, the performance moved from one scene to the next.

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Hung said, “In the sister Yip’s lyrics, the words may be simple, but deep with some philosophical meanings. I wanted to provide the audience with song performances, but also the room to think about the content of the songs. For example, songs like “Truth”, “Wisdom of Life”, and “Boundary” all points to God.”

In the feedback cards, the overall response of the audience towards the changes in the Heavenly Melody’s style of performance was positive and they appreciated the room to think about the meaning of the songs and extracted new ways of thinking. A 19-year-old teenager said that he saw his problems from the performances; some audience expressed that he realized that he shouldn’t worry about the things that he cannot change.

Because the performance style was changed, Heavenly Melody team members had to face more challenging dance routines and musical trainings. During the dance practice, one of the team members got hurt and had to get stitches days just before the performance. Brother Hsieh, captain of the team, said that because the performance was only a few days away so she had to perform with the wound. However, we’re thankful to the Lord that in the series of performances, our first Hip Hop dance performance was well received by the younger crowd and the musical add much passion and livelihood to the entire conference.

Towards the end, Hung gave a testimony of actor Yueh Sun, who everyone knows. Before coming to meeting the heavenly father, Sun was not satisfied or happy with his career. After coming to know the heavenly father and placing his small hands into the hands of God, he felt the true joy and peace. Hung encouraged the audience to make the decision to rely upon God, which is the greatest wisdom in their lives.

[Editor's note: reporter Ian Hwang from Taiwan contributed to this report.]