Asian Superstar Jay Chou Decides to Get Baptized Later This Year

May 03, 2012 12:21 PM EDT
 <br/>Jay Chou

Pastor Li-Hui Hong (洪麗慧) from Taiwan’s New Life Church revealed to local media today that Asian Superstar Jay Chou, who through the influence of his girlfriend Kun-Ling (昆凌), has decided to get baptized later this year to officially become a Christian.

Hong said that Kun-Ling, who was baptized in Junior High, has been a very devoted Christian. Ever since her baptism, she has always placed her priorities in church and family. Under her influence, Chou gradually accepted the Christian faith and began attending church services with her.

Chou, whose record albums sold over 28 million copies since 2000, recently expressed in a church event’s video his passionate pursuit of faith in Christ. He said that Jesus fashion is the most popular faith, most fashionable worship, and let us be crazy over Jesus.

As soon as the news of his baptism plan was revealed, Chou became the center of the Asian media spotlight. His relatives and friends expressed their joy and offered him blessings.

Will Liu (劉畊宏), who has been a close friend of Chou, had introduced him to Christianity in recent years. Last July, his fan uploaded a photo on Weibo, showing Chou praying with his eyes closed and hands crossed during an idol-worship ceremony prior to the opening of a film shoot, while everyone else worshipped the idols with incense. According to source, it was said that he had explained to the cast members that because of his Christian faith he cannot worship other gods.

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Today, the pastor of the church where Chou worships has confirmed his baptism plan for later this year. This would increase the number of Christian celebrities within the Chinese churches, which no doubt has sparked a joyful frenzy among his Christian fans.

[Editor's note: reporter Mike Shih translated the article.]