Asian King of Pop Jay Chou Confirms His Recent Baptism in Taiwan

Oct 23, 2012 04:13 AM EDT
Jay Chou and his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan  <br/>
Jay Chou and his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan.

Asian king of pop Jay Chou recently confirmed his baptism into Christian faith in an interview with Taiwanese press. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan, who is also a celebrity, got into a car accident on the 17th, which became Chou’s first urgent prayer topic.

While Chou’s identity makes him the center of attention by the media and press, a picture of him praying alone during an idol worship ceremony for a film shoot was a center of discussion since last July. It was said that Chou has revealed to the film crew that he has believes in Jesus, so he won’t worship other idols.

Following the Chou’s prayer picture surfaced online, his good friend Will Liu, who is also a Christian, wrote on his blog that he was the one who led Jay Chou to enter the door of faith and was joyful in learning of Chou’s decision.

Hannah Quinlivan, who is Chou’s girlfriend, was said to have influenced Chou’s decision on deciding to put his trust in the Lord. Earlier this year in April, Rev. Li-Hui Hung, senior pastor of New Life Church in Taiwan, where Chou and Quinlivan currently attends church, revealed to the media it was because of Quinlivan’s influence that Chou decided to become a Christian and get baptized, which has become a widely discussed topic.

Hung also testified of how Quinlivan’s faith is very mature although she is a popular celebrity; she has continued to place the center of her life in the church and family. She said that it is because of Quinlivan’s life that deeply influenced Chou, prompting to regularly return to church for gatherings.

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Furthermore, the local Taiwanese press has reported that Chou really enjoyed church life. In a promotional video for a church event, he expressed his passion for Christianity, “Jesus Culture is the most popular faith, most fashionable worship, let us be crazy over Jesus together.”

Last month, a blogger wrote that one of the pastors of Taiwan New Life Church, who went to preach in Ningbo, revealed that Chou has recently received baptism at her church, but Chou’s record label company JVR Music has declined to respond due to privacy concerns.

Although Chou and his girlfriend’s relationship is known publically, he has never publically admitted to this relationship; however, Chou admitted that has recently been baptized as a follower of Jesus Christ when asked by the Taiwanese media on his relationship with Quinlivan.

Just days after Chou’s confirmation of his baptism, his girlfriend got into an accident from a traffic violation, which became his first urgent prayer topic.

According to sources, two people were injured but have returned home for recovery without major injuries. Quinlivan, who had been emotionally distraught, later expressed her deep apologies to the injured. Although Chou does not admit the relationship with her, he still expresses his care. He issued a statement through his company saying that he hopes that everyone is okay and that he will pray for them.

The Asian superstar’s baptism has once again stirred yet another wave of discussions, in which many Christians wish that Chou can grow spiritually on his journey of faith and hope that through his life the fragrance of Christ can be revealed, so that more people can come to know about Christian faith.

[Editor's note: Joseph Leung translated the report.]