Christians Commence Week of Prayer for North Korea

Jun 25, 2007 03:04 PM EDT

Christians and churches around the world are being asked to pray for North Korea during a Global Week of Prayer running from 25 June to 1 July 2007.

A special call to participate in the Global Week of Prayer for North Korea was issued by the South Korean Church when it declared 2007 as the International Year of Prayer for North Korea.

This year is particularly significant as 2007 is the centenary year of the 1907 Pyongyang Great Revival. The Global Week of Prayer is supported by a broad range of denominational bodies and Christian agencies across the world.

The call to prayer is a reflection of the grave concern that exists over the spiritual and physical condition of North Korea. Violent persecution has eliminated a previously strong Christian presence and ruthless punishment is meted out against those who are discovered following the Christian faith.

State-wide enforced idolatry of the political leadership, a ruthless ban on the Gospel and the imprisonment and execution of Christians are realities in North Korea today.

During the week of prayer, churches are being encouraged to include prayer for North Korea in their services, and home groups and prayer meetings are also encouraged to focus on the dire needs of the country. Numerous resources to facilitate a variety of meetings are available at the inter-agency website,

Prayer events are planned in various countries during the week. In London, Christian Solidarity Worldwide is encouraging people to join an evening of prayer at Raynes Park Methodist Church, Worple Road, on Friday 29 June.

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The week of prayer follows the release of a major report by Christian Solidarity Worldwide this week which concludes that North Korea’s severe human rights abuses constitute crimes against humanity.

The report also presents evidence of the deliberate annihilation of Christians and identifies indicators of genocide against Christians in North Korea.

Stuart Windsor, CSW’s National Director, said, “The contrast between the spiritual climate in North Korea today and one hundred years ago could not be starker. It is vital that the church awakens to the urgent need to pray for North Korea.

“We pray that as the church rises up on behalf of its beleaguered brothers and sisters, a tidal wave of prayer will sweep away the darkness and usher in the light and love of God once again. We hope that all Christian groups and individuals will respond to this call to pray.”