First Chinese Bible Exhibition Successfully Held in Sydney

Aug 17, 2007 11:38 AM EDT

SYDNEY- The first Chinese Bible Exhibition in Australia has been successfully held, becoming a great opportunity for Chinese Christians to increase their knowledge about the Bible.

Apart from the showcase of Chinese Bible in different translation versions and devotional resources, special seminars hosted by Chinese Theological College Australia President Rev. Peter Wong and Worldwide Bible Society President Rev. Paul Yung are very important.

Rev. Wong stressed the sovereign of the word of God over the history and every single man in his speech "Everything Begins from the Bible". Through the Bible, God talks to people, and God has also given his people freedom. Only under the guidance of the truth in the Bible, man can use his freedom in an appropriate way. Since the beginning of the history, it is the word of God that makes people develop; and God is also searching for people who are willing to listen and obey Him.

Rev. Wong encouraged the young believers to read, recite and memorize bible verses with their hearts. For there are many different versions of the Bible, Rev. Wong commented, "Word is changing, language is also changing, however the truth will never change."

Rev. Paul Yung, as one of the great supporters for Chinese Bible New Version and an expert of Bible translation, explained the difference between the long-standing Chinese Union Version and Chinese Bible New Version. By citing several obvious examples, Rev. Yung illustrated the limitation of Chinese Union Version in terms of translation. He added that the Chinese Bible New Version is more advanced and accurate because its Chinese language is being refined according to modern usage.

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The Chinese Bible Exhibition was held on August 11 at St. Philip’s Anglican Church, Eastwood, northwest Sydney.

[Editor's note: Claudia Cheng in San Francisco has translated the article.]