Limbless Australian Evangelist Nick Vujicic Brings Hope to China

Dec 06, 2008 01:24 PM EST

Australian Christian limbless motivational speaker Nick Vujicic took a tour to two universities in Beijing and visited an orphanage in Sichuan where the magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck early this year.

While visiting Hong Kong, Nick shared his life testimony to local media there and at several churches, schools, leadership forums and with businessmen, orphans and prisoners. In two church services, over 30,000 people listened to his message and 3,000 people came forward to ask Christ into their lives for the first time.

On November 28 and December 1, Nick lead a seminar titled “The Path of Success – Attitude is Altitude” at Beijing Normal University and Tsinghua University, bringing his unique and heart-changing life testimony to the believers and those from all levels of Chinese society.

After participating in the seminar at Beijing Normal University, a vice mayor of a certain city expressed in a letter that from after seeing Nick’s embodiment of never give up, never make fun of other’s weaknesses, always love those beside you, and always give encouragements to others he was deeply touched.

He said that Nick’s desire to live and to be accepted is inspiring; his desire to be accepted and the fulfilling of his wishes into reality is overpowering. If he had not seen Nick in person, then he probably couldn’t believe that Nick actually obtained two university degrees, is able to play soccer, swim, ride a horse, surf, play musical instruments, and lecture humorously.

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In Sichuan, Nick visited an orphanage, where the children were mostly survivors from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed nearly 80,000 people this May. The children put together an hour long program for Nick and the Team, and they sang songs about their parents. There was not one dry eye present, according to

The limbless Australian evangelist brought a life-changing message to the Chinese people, “The worst form of handicap is not without limbs, but it’s a life without hope.”

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