Chinese-American Youth Pastor Jaeson Ma to Release New Single ''Glory''

Nov 04, 2010 02:12 PM EDT

In recent years, Chinese-American youth pastor Jaeson Ma has received beautiful testimonies for his evangelistic outreaches on university campuses and churches in the cities in North America and Asia. He will be releasing a new gospel album titled “Glory”, which he hopes would spark a movement that leads youth to live life that glorifies God.

Through his ministry’s website, Ma has announced this news. Gifted in preaching and music, in particular, rap music and Hip-Hop, he has experienced combining preaching with music that gave birth to a unique genre of contemporary gospel music, which won the passionate responses from many youths.

Addressing the desire and longing of youths for love, Ma produced the single “Love” that defined love from the Bible, and youths have shared the song to their friends via Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, and other social networking websites – approximately 2.5 million people have been influenced by this song.

Ma deeply believes that this new album “Glory” will effectively spread the message of the gospel and exert a greater influence.

Ma said, “The purpose of this song 'GLORY' is to challenge us to live for a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. This is what the entire 'GLORY' album is about. Every song explains a different aspect of GLORY, what it truly is and how we can live it out. Every song on this album will have a mission of giving back to others. 50% of all digital downloads will be given to different social causes that the listeners can choose to give to personally. “

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“It's more than music. It's about using music to spark a movement that makes a difference in our world. Spread the GLORY!” he shared.

The single “Glory” is scheduled to be released at noon time on November 11, and it will be available for download from iTunes then. That day is actually Ma’s 30th birthday. He has already sent out invitations on Facebook to youth friends from around the world to support “Glory” and download the song that day.

To view the Facebook event invitation, click here.