World’s Largest Bible Ministry Visits TSPM/CCC Headquarters in Shanghai

Oct 16, 2008 01:26 PM EDT
IBS STL and TSPM CCC engaged in dialogue on the issues of publishing and distribution of Bibles and Christian books  <br/> Protestant Churches of China website
IBS-STL and TSPM/CCC engaged in dialogue on the issues of publishing and distribution of Bibles and Christian books. (Protestant Churches of China website)

On Oct. 10, the executive directors of the world’s largest organization for Bible translation and publishing conducted a dialogue for partnership with the government-sanctioned churches in China in Shanghai.

At the TSPM/CCC Protestant Church of China’s headquarter, International Bible Society-STL Global CEO Keith Danby and his entourage discussed with the TSPM/CCC chairman, general secretary, and director of publishing ministry the topics of mutual concern, which is the publishing and distribution of Bibles and Christian books.

Danby shared an overview of the IBS-STL Global ministry’s development in publishing and distributing Bibles and other Christian-related books. Then, he expressed their eagerness to partner with the Churches in China and invited the staffs of TSPM/CCC to visit their headquarters in Colorado, United States.

Furthermore, TSPM/CCC chairman elder Fu shared the recent developments of Christianity in China and TSPM/CCC and expressed their eagerness to further partnership with the American counterpart under the condition of mutual respect for each other.

Prior to sharing their work in publishing, TSPM/CCC Director of publishing ministry pastor Hu stated that the past partnerships with IBS have been very successful.

Towards the end of their conversation, both parties gave the others Bibles as gifts for each other.

In early 2007, International Bible Society and Send the Light conglomerated as one, becoming the world’s largest Bible translation and publishing organization and the world’s largest non-profit literary publishing organization. It is now the leading Christian book publishing and distribution company.

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