Michael Chang Gets Married at Virginity

Oct 28, 2008 11:24 AM EDT

As a devout Christian, world-class Chinese-American tennis player Michael Chang has always kept the principle of abstinence before marriage. Although tight scheduling did not allow him to spent time searching for his other half, he believes that love requires patience. He said that God has arranged everything, so he will continue to wait.

On Oct. 18, 2008, the 36-year-old former world tennis champion stepped into the wedding hall with his Chinese-American fiancée Amber Liu at a community church in California, beginning their life as newly-wed.

Chang is considered as the world’s most famous Chinese tennis celebrity. In 1989 Chang, at the age of 17, defeated Ivan Lendl, who was the number one ranked tennis player in the world, and then besting Stefan Edberg, the then-current Wimbledon champion, in the final to win the Open. He became the first Chinese player to win the world-class tennis match, the first American to win since 1955, and the youngest winner in the history of male singles match.

Although his extraordinary tennis skills have brought much fame and fortune, Chang kept his humility and always testified God’s work in his life. He shared that the greatest pursuit in life is not tennis but it is to know Jesus Christ as the savior of life.

Upon winning the French Open, Chang said on his website, “I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, because without Him, I am nothing.”

Through his Christian faith, the former world tennis champion acquired a healthy understanding on marriage and relationship and the importance of keeping pure. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Chang, at the age 16 then, said that he swears to not have sex until he gets married. He, also, stated that faith is more important than love.

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Seeing his tight schedule in the professional tennis competition, many of Chang’s fans were even concerned that he didn’t have time to spend time searching for his other half. Two years ago, in an interview, Chang said that love requires patience and he believes that God has arranged everything, so he will continue to wait.

Placing his faith in God to take care of his love relationship, Chang received his wish in marrying a Chinese girl. In the past, he has again and again emphasized the requirement for selecting his wife – she must be Chinese.

Since he traveled to Asia to participate in the tennis match there, he discovered the deepness and greatness of Chinese culture that which he did not know about. Because he wanted to learn and understand more about Chinese culture and pass it down from generations to generations, he wanted a Chinese girl as his wife, possibly a Chinese-American.

Chang’s mother has also expressed her hope that all of her family members can be Chinese and speak mandarin, so she thinks that 99% he will select a Chinese girl.

Black hair, yellow skin, black eyes, 24-year-old Amber Liu matches exactly with Chang’s desired quality in his wife – Chinese. In addition, they share the same hobby – tennis. As an alumnus of Stanford University, Liu, who is slim and pretty, once represented her school in winning the NCAA National Intercollegiate female singles match and a female doubles. She was also voted as the best player of the year by the National Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

Upon being entered into the International Tennis Hall of Fame ceremony, Chang introduced publically his fiancée, which is also the first time that Liu appeared in front of the media, in July this year. Today, the two lovers who faithfully kept their virginity until marriage are finally getting married in the holy wedding hall of God, beginning a new stage of life together – a life filled with hope.

Liu expressed that she is overjoyed and it is the most exciting moment in her life. She has already begun thinking about their future together.

[Editor's note: reporter Ruth Wong in San Francisco contributed to this report.]