U.S.A. Cultural Regeneration Research Society Presents $73,000 Check to China Consulate SF for Poverty Alleviation in China

Mar 24, 2012 12:02 PM EDT

The U.S. branch of a China poverty alleviation and education ministry recently made a check of $73,000 to the China consulate San Francisco that will go towards funding student and teacher educations in the impoverished regions in Yunnan Province, China.

International Directors of Cultural Regeneration Research Society (CRRS) Dr. Reuben K. Chen and Rev. Dr. Lawrence Fung and associates presented the funds raised through donors from United States to the deputy consuls general, who will then transfer the funds to the Beijing Ministry of Foreign Affairs poverty alleviation department. Similarly, the funds raised in Los Angeles will be presented to the China consulate Los Angeles to be given to Beijing MFA. These funds will go towards students and teachers, allowing them to pay for their tuition until graduation, enabling them to improve their lives and economic conditions, in the counties of Jingping and Malipo that have been designated as areas of extreme poverty.

Jingping County and Malipo County

Jingping and Malipo Counties, a region that has been ravaged by war in the 50s till the 80s, is located in the mountain areas near the border of Vietnam. The population there consists of minority groups of Miao, Yao, Yi, Zhuang, Hani, Mongols; they are people groups that are agricultural and their annual salaries do not exceed 3,000 RMB ($500). In these regions, there are the most number, largest area of people living in extreme poverty.

CRRS Mainland China Ministry

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For the past fifteen years, CRRS has been working in the village areas in Guangxi and Yunnan Province through financially supporting Chinese students and teachers who wanted to obtain higher education or obtain degrees but were otherwise unable due to lack of financial means to pay for tuition. The ministry’s mission is to seed China’s future generation with visions of its own potential and to give it the fundamental tools to enable every child to live out his/her aspirations.

Every summer, CRRS has recruited volunteers from North America, who would travel to the mountain areas in Jingping and Malipo counties to provide training for the English teachers. Their work has been well-received by the locals.

This year, the ministry has for the first time held a high school student English training camp in Jingping County. Since the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, United States CRRS has been developing a healing ministry that caters to the mental health of the earthquake victims, and this ministry has been expanding its services to other disaster areas.

CRRS Description

The governments of Canada, USA and Hong Kong accord CRRS status as a non-profit charitable organization. It is a non-political charitable organization that partners with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Poverty Alleviation Department to provide humanitarian assistance to the socially disadvantaged in China’s village areas. Because of its ongoing measurable and practical actions, years of experience, and the careful attention to the distribution of donations, the ministry has built a position of trust in China, Canada, United States, and Hong Kong.

For more information, visit: http://www.crrsusa.org.