The Equip to Serve Christian Networks 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration

Jul 01, 2012 08:49 AM EDT
Pastor Francis Choi Chief Executive Officer left one stands together with the board directors in cutting cake  <br/>Equip to Serve
Pastor Francis Choi (Chief Executive Officer) (left one) stands together with the board directors in cutting cake. Equip to Serve

The Equip to Serve Christian Networks 10th Anniversary thanksgiving celebration was held on June 20th at the Continental Seafood Restaurant in the Greater Vancouver region. The 500 attendees included pastors, Christian members, and various administrators of Christian organizations from America, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Some churches held their prayer meetings as part of this event, so as to solicit more prayers for church-related projects.

The evening began with welcoming remarks and exciting games, followed by a cake-cutting ceremony led by Pastor Francis Choi (Chief Executive Officer), Mrs. Nadia Choi (Chief Operating Officer), and various shareholders. Prior to the start of dinner, Pastor Yip (the President of the Vancouver Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship) led a prayer to commend and recognize the works of Pastor Choi and the Equip to Serve Christian Networks for the past 10 years.

Following the first round of food tasting, Pastor Choi suddenly appeared at the back of the room with a Roman helmet in hand, and started conversing with Sister Phyllis (Master of Ceremony) on the other end of the room, who had a Roman sword in hand. This act definitely attracted the attention of all the guests.

They were intending to use these Roman military items to introduce the soon-to-be-launched "Roman Cultural Park", a web-based park that houses 20 buildings, including the Ancient Roman Model Museum, the Roman History Backdating Museum, the Caesar Memorial Building, the Roman Military Museum, the Museum of Pompeii, the Musee de la Civilisation gallo-romaine, the Roman Statistics Museum, the Roman Heritage Museum, the Trajan's Column, the Roman Evolution of Times Museum, the Roman Oceanic Museum, the Theatre of Roman Stylistic Recitals, the Arco di Constantino, the Roman Mint, the Roman Underground Tombs, the Roman Wax Museum, the Appian Way, the Arc de triomphe de l'Etoile, the Roman Bath Museum, and the Colosseum.

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Pastor Choi emphasized that the park aims to deepen one's understanding of the first four books of the New Testament, Acts, the Letters of Paul, and the history of the church's beginnings through understanding the Roman culture. All the guests expressed genuine interest in the coming of this park following this brief introduction.

The evening progressed with a 10-minute short film, which not only shared Pastor Choi's receiving of a divine spiritual vision and the set up of Equip to Serve Christian Networks, but also shared the feelings of recognition from users of the Networks such as Pastor So of the Hong Kong EFCC Yan Fook Church, artist Ms Barbara Chan, spiritual journey companion Dr. Ling Siu Cheung, psychologist Sister Lee Jing Wai, and the Manager of Christian Central Church Pastor Wong Wai Leuk.

Volunteers from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Canada, and America also shared their experiences. In this technological age, the volunteers of the internet technology sector no longer have to work in the same office, but can still create hundreds of exhibits, with thousands of possibilities, which makes it hard not to praise the God who grants wisdom and unity to mankind.

Equip to Serve Christian Networks provide vast resources in Biblical knowledge and spiritual nurturing. The Gospel Herald will introduce the various features of this site to step by step to benefit our readers.

Please visit for more photographs of the 10th Anniversary thanksgiving celebration.

[Editor's note: Carol Lee translated the article.]