Marketplace Ministry Brings Together Top Business Minds to Shape and Equip Global Chinese Christian Entrepreneurs

Oct 19, 2012 06:24 AM EDT

The United States Chinese Christian Business Association held the second annual International Christian entrepreneurs Conference earlier this month in Houston, Texas. Over 150 Christian businessmen, ministry leaders and pastors from different states in America and various countries from East Asia participated in this important gathering.

With the theme ''Shaping & Equipping Christian Entrepreneurs'', the five-day four nights conference was held from September 29th through October 3, 2012 at the Westchase Marriott Hotel in Houston, Texas.

On Sunday morning, September 30th, attendees of different Chinese ethnic backgrounds, such as those from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and etc., worshipped the Lord with love and gratitude. Northern California-based Clay Music ministries led the crowd in worship songs in preparation to listen to God’s word that Sunday morning.

Rev. Dr. Mo-Oi Cheung, former president of Alliance Bible Seminary and senior pastor of Kowloon City Baptist Church, preached on Solomon’s wisdom from Proverbs 27:23-27, explicating God’s calling and expectations to entrepreneurs.

The lunch speaker on the first day was Dr. Stan Remple, dean of Master of Arts in Leadership program at Trinity Western University, who a speech on “Global Financial Crisis and the Needs of Businesses for Transformational Servant Leadership.” He said that value-based leadership is the decisive factor in determining the success of a business. A business that is solely based on technology is not enough, but the key is the person using this technology.

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One of the highlights of the ICEC is the workshops led by experienced and successful businessmen and ministry leaders, which is aimed at shaping and equipping Christian entrepreneurs. The workshops on the first day included “CBMC Uniqure Ministry – Marketplace Ministry of Christian Entrepreneurs” led by H. Yeh, Vice President of CBMC Asia, “Strategies for Balancing Family, Community, Church, and Work – Ten Issues that Face Christian Today and Examples” led by Fred Lin, CEO and Chairman of Payless Car Rental and R. Ju, CEO of Esheyim Natural Products, “How to Know God’s Will During Decision Making” led by Jian Zhu, vice president of CCBA, “Marketplace Mission – Soaring on Wings like Eagles” led by Frances Huang, director at Dale Carnegie Training China.

Since this year’s conference falls on the weekend of the Chinese Moon Festival, when families gather together to have a reunion dinner, the organizing committee brought the attendees to a local Chinese seafood restaurant to celebrate the festivity. That night, local music ministries led worship and several people gave their testimonies in God’s amazing guidance and blessings in their lives. Moreover, the committee invited children with down-syndrome from a local ministry to perform two hymns, Amazing Grace and Holy, Holy, Holy. Their carefully synchronized music performances won the applause of the crowd.

International Christian Entrepreneurs Conference aims at encouraging dialogue and fellowship between Christian entrepreneurs from around the world, raising their management wisdom and abilities on the foundation of the bible, and shaping them for spiritual growth in order to be the salt and light of the world and blessing the society. This year’s conference featured many messages shared by successful entrepreneurs, business consulting experts, and marketplace ministers.

[Editor's note: Angie Hung contributed to the report.]