Jeremy Lin Shoots 'Unbelievable' 78 Percent Accuracy to Show Offseason Progress (Picture)

Jun 25, 2013 01:30 AM EDT
During a late night shooting session Jeremy Lin left and his younger brother together scored 783 three pointers out of 999 shots a shooting accuracy rate of 78 percent  <br/>Facebook
During a late-night shooting session, Jeremy Lin (left) and his younger brother together scored 783 three-pointers out of 999 shots – a shooting accuracy rate of 78 percent. Facebook

Given Jeremy Lin’s subpar performance last year, doubters have all the more reasons to discredit his ability to play as lead point guard for Houston Rockets and in the league; however, the subject of Linsanity is proving himself again in reaching a three-point shooting accuracy rate of 78 percent during his offseason practices, according to his shooting coach and a picture posted on his Facebook page.

While most sports commentators said Lin despite an uneven year still has potential as shown through his incredible work ethics and marketing value, some speculates that Rockets would jettison Lin to sign Chris Paul, star point guard of Los Angeles Clippers.

Marshall Zweig, feature columnist for Bleacher Report, suggested that Los Angeles Lakers may pick up Lin, who might thrive under former Linsanity coach Mike D’ Antoni and “prove doubters wrong,” as Steve Nash is “aging” and Kobe Bryant’s return is uncertain.

Another Bleacher Report contributor Mike De Moor went the great length and said that Lin will “never improve dramatically” and one of the two biggest problems last year were “overall subpar point guard play,” whom he attributed the cause to Lin. “The team will have to look elsewhere for a floor general to fill the organization’s championship,” he said, adding that Lin is a “defense liability.”

Moor’s opinions were criticized by close to a hundred readers, who commented on his article was largely “biased” and bordering on slander with the aim to discredit the 24-year-old point guard.

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In midst of much hearsay and innuendos, Lin posted yesterday on his Facebook and other social media accounts a picture showing himself and his brother having scored 783 three-pointers out of 999 shots – a shooting accuracy rate of 78 percent.

Earlier this month, Lin’s shooting coach said that Lin is gradually perfecting his shooting blind spots and weaknesses.

Lin has shown great energy during training, said the coach, and his three point shooting average has reached an unbelievable high of 78 percent. The next step in training is to raise Lin’s three point accuracy while being guarded.

While Lin admitted his disappointment in his subpar performance and injury during an interview with CSN Houston in mid-May, the first American of Taiwanese or Chinese descent NBA player said that one of his biggest motivating factors going into offseason was how the playoff ended, which doesn’t sit well with him.

Lin said that he wanted to improve just about every facet of his game during the offseason, while listing the top three things.

“Number-one is to get healthy, whether it’s my chest or my knees or my back, just things that I’ve been dealing with throughout the season. Lingering injuries that I don’t wanna play through anymore. I want to get rid of them. And then the other two: becoming a better all-around, whether it’s mid-range, threes, different types of shots, and then also becoming a better defender – just becoming more explosive, becoming a better athlete, being able to fix little things that will help me become a better defender.”