The Logos Hope's First Visit to Hong Kong in mid-November

Sep 09, 2012 09:59 AM EDT

The world's largest book exhibition at sea, the Logos Hope, will be visiting Hong Kong in mid November, and OM HK is currently preparing to welcome its arrival.

The Logos Hope began its gospel calling on Febrauray 19, 2009, and had traveled to 42 countries and appeared in 64 ports. During the interview period, there will be various gatherings to allow Christians and catechumens to attend.

The gospel ship that is familiar to many Hong Kong believers, the MV Doulos, has retired, and the Logos Hope's first visit to Hong Kong is said to be twice as large as the MV Doulos, to turn over 12.519 tons of water, and to accommodate 1000 visitors.

The ship is equipped with lifeboat shows, model cabins and steering stations, etc, for visitors to enjoy. The book exhibition contains over 5000 book titles, spanning a wide spectrum of topics: science, sports, hobbies, family life, children's books, etc, and of course Christianity related books. In addition to what was seen in the MV Doulos, the Logos Hope is equipped with air conditioning, thereby creating a more comfortable environment for its visitors.

Apart from the book exhibition, there is an art exhibition area on the ship, showing "The modern version of the Prodigal Son", in hopes of inspiring the visitors with this wonderful story of life. The ship also provides cafes that serve various finger foods, drinks, chocolates, and ice creams, so that visitors can rest and relax as needed.

You can also take this opportunity to converse with the 400 crew members who come from 45 countries, to learn about they realize Christian lives on the ship and spread the gospel to people from various places whom they serve.

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OM HK began preparing for the arrival of the Logos Hope since May. The Operations Manager of the OM Shanghai book exhibition branch, Humberto Martin, visited Hong Kong in June, to refine details regarding porting schedules and technical issues with the Ocean Terminal. The 4 representatives from the Logos Hope also arrived in Hong Kong in July, and contacted local churches, organizations, and media groups to promote the arrival of the Logos Hope and to organize various on board activities.

During this busy preparation period, approximately 250 volunteers are needed to serve as a group, which include on board chores, missionaries, ushers and guides, information personnel for the book exhibition, translators, etc.

The Logos Hope will be visiting Hong Kong from November 26 to December 31, and an estimated 180,000 people will board the ship.

[Editor's note: Carol Lee translated the article.]