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  • World Relief Refugees

    100 Evangelical Leaders Sign Public Ad to Condemn Trump's Refugee Ban

    Evangelical leaders, including at least one from each state, reportedly purchased a full-page newspaper advertisement to denounce President Donald Trump's temporary ban on refugees, urging him to reconsider his Jan. 27 executive order and instead welcome people fleeing persecution and violence. The ad, which is slated to run in The Washington Post, is signed by 100 prominent evangelical pastors and authors, and is addressed to Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Love

    Top 7 Valentine’s Day Bible Verses about Love

    We've compiled a list of the top seven Bible verses that best explain the true meaning of love. Feel free to simply ponder on these verses, or use these in a Valentine's Day card to show the love of your life how you feel.
  • The Executive Order: A Brief Constitutional Litmus Test

    The power of executive order is, I have noted, often regarded with a suspicious eye---almost as though, it somehow originated from some great transgression or horrendous governmental conspiracy. Despite the sense of notoriety, however, some will be surprised to learn that the executive order is actually backed both by the Constitution as well as by history. Beginning, in fact, with our country's first president, founding father, and general.
  • Sister Wives

    Bigamy Law Appeal from 'Sister Wives' Finally Ends At Supreme Court

    U.S. Supreme Court judges said they won't hear an appeal from the family on TV's "Sister Wives," which challenges Utah's law that bans polygamy. The decision ends the long legal fight of Kody Brown's family to overturn a seldom used and unique provision of Utah's law about polygamous families, which bars married people from living with a second purported "spiritual spouse" even if the man is legally married to just one woman. Utah's law is stricter than anti-bigamy laws in other states.
  • The Women's March on Washington: Reflections of a Christian Woman

    The truth is as I'm sure some of you have surmised by now, this isn't your great-great-great grandmother's suffrage. While it is tempting and even seemingly noble to empower women---and, don't get me wrong, there is an appropriate time and place for it---the very women cited for their movement of suffrage would cringe at the subjects deemed "rights" now.
  • Knoxville's 2017 March for Life

    TN March for Life Organizer Attributes Decrease in Abortion to 'State Level Efforts,' but Warns Against Complacency

    I sat among a rough estimate of 700 people in the World's Fair Park Amphitheater; praise to Jesus, there were definitely increased numbers since the last few years before. In fact, while I couldn't quite put a finger on it, there seemed to be a different spirit in the air altogether. A kind of sense of hope and motivation, as though we had all passed through an invisible storm and passed into the eye, with a sudden recognition of safety and a grasp of something tangible. There was nothing particularly different about the program departing from the usual schedule, and yet the mass seemed unusually strengthened, a marked excitement in the air evidenced by the loud, collective responses and filed seats.
  • Christmas Ornament

    Porn Viewing Spikes Over Christmas

    The latest review of Google Search Trends shows that the week of Christmas brings a spike of porn related search traffic in the US every year.
  • Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 2016

    There are many available market that caters to the needs and wants of women. Still, the presents that most of the women receive get piled in the unused items that are not needed. This holiday season retail and online stores offer a variety of special bundles and sale items that your lady friend secretly want to have.
  • Christmas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Him 2016

    Beat the holiday rush at retail and online stores by purchasing Christmas gift items to give as presents to that special guy friend as early as today. Most of the in demand items that are often offered sale and in bundle are now disappearing fast in stores. Several online stores are offering unique and personalized gift items for men, like golf sets and mini whiskey barrels. Others offer the best sports experiences that men would love to try, like maneuvering a helicopter on ragged cliffs.
  • Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas For Husband, Father-in-Law, Son, Boyfriend

    The typical Christmas gift ideas for husband, father-in-law, son, or boyfriend are known to be tech gadgets, sports gears, and car stuff. Aside from looking into these categories, there are a ton of exceptional things available for them in the market that are offered with the best rates and prices. Be unique with this holiday present to show appreciation for them this past year.
  • Christmas

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife, Mother-in-Law, Daughter, Girlfriend

    Christmas is just around the corner and seeing the smiles from the women of our life upon receiving their gifts is present in itself for the ones who give them. Putting so much thought in deciding what to give for our wife, mother-in-law, daughter, and girlfriend can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, most of the branded names and products that they love are on sale for the Christmas season.
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