NES Classic Edition Drought Set To End Soon

The hard-to-find NES Classic Edition looks set to be a whole lot easier to pick up in due time. Gamers everywhere who are looking for their retro gaming fix, rejoice!

Xbox One VR Headset Promised

Virtual reality is going to arrive on the Xbox gaming platform in the form of the Xbox One VR headset as announced by Microsoft at GDC 2017.

Google Pixel Arrives At The End Of The Road

The Google Pixel Chromebook has had a pretty decent run, but it is time to call it quits due to an overlap in brand name which might cause some confusion among consumers.

Xbox Game Pass: Enjoy Your Game Buffet Spread!

The Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft is an idea that is taken right out of Netflix’s playbook, although both do happen to cater to very different customers. At least you can now enjoy gaming,