Tag : abortion provider
Willie Parker title : Abortionist Says He is 'Doing God's Work'
summary : “I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work.”
date : May 19, 2017 08:57 PM EDT
Abortion title : Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood a 'Hitleristic Organization' Whose 'Prescription is Death'
summary : Evangelist Franklin Graham has called Planned Parenthood a "Hitleristic organization" whose conduct is "insidious, evil, unjust, and even criminal" and called on lawmakers to "end this wholesale slaughter of innocent life."
date : Feb 10, 2017 03:02 PM EST
Abortion title : Oklahoma Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Imposing Restrictions on Abortion Providers
summary : Oklahoma's highest court on Tuesday struck down a law imposing restrictions on abortion providers, including a requirement that they take samples of fetal tissue from patients younger than 14 and preserve them for state investigators.
date : Oct 05, 2016 08:57 AM EDT