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Chromebook title : Cyber Monday Laptop Deals: Chromebook, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung Windows Laptops at Best Buy and Amazon
summary : If you are looking for a school and budget friendly laptop, the Chromebook will suit you. This Cyber Monday, you have a chance to purchase one in an even more affordable price. As for those who wants a high-end Windows laptops, there are also some good deals for you.
date : Nov 28, 2016 11:12 AM EST
Acer Predator 21 X title : Acer Predator 21 X Release Date, Specs and Price: Massive Laptop Equipped with Two GTX 1080 GPUs, 4TB and 7th-gen Intel CPU
summary : The gaming beast is here. Acer recently announced its ulimate gaming laptop named the Predator 21 X at this year's IFA in Berlin. This massive hardware has 21-inch curved display, two GTX 1080 GPUs and mechanical. Now, let's know latest update about Acer's Predator 21 X release date, specs and price.
date : Sep 10, 2016 05:10 PM EDT
title : Acer Predator 6, Predator 8 Specs, Release Date: Acer Launches 10-Core Gaming-Focused Devices To Rival NVIDIA Shield
summary : Acer officially announced a line of powerful Android devices at the IFA 2015 event on Wednesday. The Taiwan-based tech company introduced the new Acer Predator 6 smartphone and Predator 8 tablet, devices that are expected to deliver top-notch gaming experience.
date : Sep 03, 2015 06:00 PM EDT
title : Acer Liquid Z330, M330 Specs: Budget-Friendly Twin Acer Smartphones Unveiled, Comes with Windows 10 and Android 5.1 Lollipop
summary : During Acer’s own “[email protected]” conference set within the IFA halls, the Taiwan-based device maker has unveiled a total of six new smartphones along with a handful of tablets and computers. One of the highlights of Acer’s Liquid-series launch is the announcement two new affordable smartphone models, the Android-powered Acer Liquid Z330 and the Windows 10-backed Liquid M330.
date : Sep 03, 2015 02:08 AM EDT
title : Acer Predator 8 Android Gaming Tablet Specs, Release Date: Acer To Rival the Nvidia Shield in Mobile Gaming
summary : The Acer Predator 8 will be Acer's first gaming tablet and its frontrunner in a product category arguably dominated by the Nvidia Shield tablet. The gaming-oriented device will be powered by Intel’s Atom Z8700 chipset and will run an undisclosed version of the Android OS.
date : Aug 23, 2015 01:14 PM EDT
Acer Aspire title : Acer Cloudbook 11 and 14 Release With Windows 10: Cheapest Laptop Takes Aim at Chromebooks
summary : Starting at $169, Acer's Aspire One Cloudbook 11 is the cheapest laptop available in the market that runs on Windows 10. The Cloudbook 11 will hit the North American shelves this month while the Aspire One Cloudbook 14s' release date in North America is between September and October starting at $199 depending on the model.
date : Aug 05, 2015 06:08 AM EDT