Tag : Athlete Prayers
Praying at Football Game title : Prayers in Public High School Football Games Supported by Majority, Indicates New Survey
summary : Nearly three-quarters, specifically 73 percent, of the public believe football coaches at public high schools should be allowed to lead their players in Christian prayer during games, while only about one-quarter, or 24 percent, say they should not, according to a new Public Religion Research Institute survey released Thursday.
date : Jan 29, 2016 11:10 AM EST
title : Student Athlete Prayer Circles With Indiana Coach Draw Fire from 'Good Without God' American Humanist Association
summary : After coach Scott Spahr was photographed standing at center court praying with his girls' basketball team at Morristown Elementary School in Indiana on Dec. 1, he was asked to stop participating in team prayer circles when school officials received an email from the American Humanist Association Friday, citing that the coach's presence was "a constitutional violation."
date : Dec 13, 2015 01:05 PM EST