Tag : beauty
Beauty title : How Can I Find Lasting Beauty?
summary : Sometimes we forget that physical beauty fades but inner beauty never gets old and never goes out of style.
date : May 25, 2017 01:59 PM EDT
title : Self-Worth: A Biblical Reminder to Women
summary : After scanning a fashion magazine for a mere three minutes, 80 percent of women immediately experience a smothering attack of insecurity; after three images, their perception of self-worth is distorted by only a few images.
date : Jan 28, 2017 10:55 AM EST
Heidi Pratt title : Heidi Montag Pratt: Worshiping Beauty a 'Scheme of the Devil', Urges Girls, 'Delight Yourself in the Lord'
summary : Six years after undergoing extensive plastic surgery, Heidi Montag Pratt has urged young girls not to follow her example, emphasizing that worshiping outer beauty is a "scheme" of the devil and the "opposite" of what God wants for His children.
date : Dec 21, 2016 10:16 AM EST