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Destiny 2 title : Destiny 2 Revealed: Gameplay, Features, Storyline, Release Date and More Details Known So Far
summary : Game studio Bungie finally unleashed to the public what “Destiny 2” is all about. It will be a significant improvement from the first title that is a massive hit but many of the original elements remain nearly the same – the familiar gameplay or game features and the ability to stock up on loots. But the game creator insists, version 2.0 “is a new beginning for everyone.”
date : May 19, 2017 08:18 AM EDT
Destiny 2's latest trailer arrives title : Destiny 2 Trailer Released, PC Version Confirmed To Keep PS4 And Xbox One Versions Company
summary : Destiny 2 looks set to garner an even larger gamer base with the PC version being confirmed for a release.
date : Mar 31, 2017 09:15 AM EDT
Destiny: Rise of Iron title : Destiny 2 Release Date and Rise of Iron Update
summary : Destiny's new "Rise of Iron" expansion is set to be released next week. While many gamers are looking forward for it, some are waiting for the release of Destiny 2. It is reported that the release of Rise of Iron DLC would pave way for faster development of the sequel .
date : Sep 16, 2016 01:24 PM EDT
Destiny Rise of Iron DLC title : Destiny DLC and Destiny 2 U.S. Release Date and Feature Rumors
summary : Bungie is set to release a large expansion pack for Destiny. Rise of Iron DLC is expected to be launched at June's E3 conference. While some are waiting for the Destiny 2, the forthcoming downloadable content, dubbed as Rise of Iron, is good news to many Destiny gamers. It reportedly contains bigger content than the two previously released DLC packs.
date : May 21, 2016 11:56 AM EDT
Destiny 2 title : Next Destiny Update, Hot Fix Set to Repair Major Lag Problems; Details About Xur Location and Exotic Items
summary : On March 8, Bungie will release Hot Fix, which will address lag problem that's been plaguing gamers. Now, here's the latest information about the next Destiny update and where to find the vendor Xur on March 4-6.
date : Mar 05, 2016 02:06 PM EST
Destiny will get a sequel.  title : Destiny 2 Release Dates Unveiled, 2.0 Patch Released: 'Largest' DLC to Release Sept. 2020
summary : A lawsuit filed by former Destiny composer Marty O'Donnell against game developer Bungie has unwittingly revealed the important details about target release dates for Destiny's future sequels.
date : Sep 09, 2015 12:23 PM EDT
Destiny 2.0.0 title : Destiny 2 Release Date, Rumors: Guardians Can Predict Future Opponents, New Job Opening Reignites Rumor of PC Version
summary : Game developer Bungie has announced that the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and highly-anticipated sequel to its Destiny franchise, Destiny 2 will feature "Guardians" when it is finally released in September 2016.
date : Aug 06, 2015 12:45 PM EDT
Destiny 2.0.0 title : 'Destiny 2' Release Date Coming September 2016: 'The Taken King' Expansion Pack Introduces New Weapons, Dreadnaught
summary : A recent post in Reddit is creating buzz amongst the gaming community as it provides alleged insider information on the development of Bungie's upcoming shooter game series Destiny 2, whom the poster identified as The Shattered Suns as well as details on the Destiny 2.0 expansion pack called The Taken King which is scheduled for release on September 15 this year
date : Aug 01, 2015 02:44 AM EDT
Destiny: House of Wolves is coming. title : ‘Destiny 2’ and 'House of Wolves’ Expansion DLC Release Date, News Update and Rumors
summary : Despite the fact that there is little information surrounding the production and release date of “Destiny 2,” game developers Bungie and Activision have teamed up for the expansion pack, “Destiny: House of Wolves.”
date : Apr 30, 2015 02:34 AM EDT