Tag : Case Keenum
Jared Goff title : NFL Rumors: Jared Goff to Start in Week 11 Game Between Los Angeles Rams and Miami Dolphins, Case Keenum Moved to Backup
summary : No. 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff will finally get his chance to play this year when the Las Angeles Rams take on the Miami Dolphins. The lineup change was made after Rams fans expressed their disappointment in the team's offense which was led by former starting quarterback Case Keenum.
date : Nov 16, 2016 09:34 AM EST
Trevor Siemian title : NFL Trade Rumors: Rams’ Case Keenum to Replace Broncos’ Trevor Siemian at Starting QB?
summary : After edging out this year's most anticipated quarterbacks such as Jared Goff, Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch, Case Keenum of the Los Angeles Rams and Trevor Siemian of the Denver Broncos became the unlikeliest starters of the 2016 NFL season. But, according to reports, the Broncos almost swapped Siemian for Keenum.
date : Sep 12, 2016 10:35 AM EDT