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Tyrese Gibson in 'Fast & Furious 6' title : 'Fast & Furious 8' Premiere Date: Tyrese Gibson Praises New Costar Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel Shares Tribute To Paul Walker
summary : Tyrese Gibson has been vocal when it comes to praising the latest cast member of ‘The Fast & Furious’ movie franchise- Charlize Theron. The singer-turned-actor recently opened up about Theron’s addition to the cast, pointing out that she is setting high standards for the other cast members.
date : Jul 05, 2016 01:59 AM EDT
Fast and Furious 8 title : 'Fast and Furious 8' Release Date: Making History In Cuba
summary : The US and Cuba have been repairing their diplomatic relationship, and now the film franchise that has been around the world from Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, London and Abu Dhabi is going to make history as the first Hollywood to shoot in Cuba after the countries' relationships have begun to normalize. Fast 8 is going to be racing to the big screen next year. See other video and info about the movie, including release date, here.
date : May 13, 2016 01:02 PM EDT
Fast & Furious 8 title : 'Fast & Furious 8' Release Date: Charlize Theron As New Villain? Vin Diesel aka Dominic Gets a New Right Hand In Place of Paul Walker?
summary : "Fast ad Furious 8" is the first of the three part trilogy that will mark the end of the whole franchise. Fans need to wait more than a year for it to be released, but as early as now, several rumors and speculations have emerged on what to expect. Here is a roundup of the latest rumors and speculations.
date : Mar 02, 2016 02:46 PM EST
Charlize Theron plays the Evil Queen in "The Huntsman Winter's War." title : ‘Fast 8' Premiere Date, Trailer: New Female Villain Escalates Sequel to Major Heights
summary : "Fast and Furious 8" is set to change its course with a new female villain in Academy Award winner, road goddess Charlize Theron.
date : Feb 10, 2016 07:07 PM EST