Tag : Connecticut
Chinese Yale Student Wang Luchang title : Chinese Yale Student Jumps to Her Death on Golden Gate Bridge, Bringing Into Question University’s Withdrawal Policies
summary : Yale student Luchang Wang has become the latest casualty on San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge, jumping to her death there. Yale's withdrawal policy has come under scrutiny in light of her death.
date : Jan 30, 2015 08:26 PM EST
Snow Blizzard 2015 title : Historic Blizzard Clamps Down on Northeastern U.S., Causing Delays and Shutdowns
summary : In what was termed a “historic blizzard,” a massive snowstorm pummeled the northeastern United States on Monday night, making life highly inconvenient for Americans living in that part of the country.
date : Jan 27, 2015 10:07 AM EST
Sandy Hook Killer Adam Lanza's Home title : Connecticut Newtown Votes to Raze Home of Sandy Hook Killer Adam Lanza
summary : Officials in Newtown, Conn. voted on Wednesday night to raze the home of the killer responsible for the 2012 shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
date : Jan 22, 2015 01:28 PM EST