Tag : Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3 features
Dragon Ball Xenoverse title : Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse DLC 3 Review 3; Plus in-Game MOD Updates
summary : Know more about the latest updates in Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse DL3 which is available on all platforms such as Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Also, download the new in-game MODs.
date : Nov 21, 2015 04:53 AM EST
Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse title : Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 Release Date Update: US Release Date a Mystery as Bandai Namco Announces Results
summary : Bandai Namco, the company behind Dragon Ball Xenoverse, released its latest financial report. In addition, it has also announced details on the game’s DLC 3 pack, although the release date remains a mystery for now.
date : May 13, 2015 01:22 AM EDT