Tag : Duck Dynasty Updates
Sadie Robertson title : ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Addresses Break-up With Blake Coward in Public Video
summary : More than a week after reports about the break-up between Sadie Robertson "Duck Dynasty" long-time boyfriend Blake Coward emerged, the young reality TV star posted a public video on YouTube to address the matter. Although the center of the clip is about the break-up, fans of the Robertson clan and Sadie are applauding her for how she handled the situation.
date : Apr 15, 2016 09:10 AM EDT
Phil Robertson title : ‘Duck Dynasty’ Updates: Phil Robertson Gets Slammed for ‘Jesus Man’ Prayer at Duck Commander 500
summary : Last weekend, the Robertson clan hosted the annual Duck Commander NASCAR event. But aside from the race, it seems another feature of the event that gained the attention of the public was Phil Robertson's opening prayer.
date : Apr 12, 2016 12:52 AM EDT
Phil Robertson title : ‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Talks About Transformation From a Non-Believer to a Devout Christian
summary : Phil Robertson, the star of the reality show "Duck Dynasty" and founder of Duck Commander, revealed how drastically his lifestyle changed after becoming a Christian. According to him, he used to be a non-believer who strongly opposed the faithful.
date : Apr 08, 2016 01:20 PM EDT
"Duck Dynasty's" Willie and Korie Robertson and their children. title : ‘Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family to Highlight Beauty of Adoption at Duck Commander 500 NASCAR Event
summary : The Duck Commander 500 NASCAR event is all set to kick off later this week at the Texas Motor Speedway. But aside from the race, another highlight of this year's event is the importance of adoption.
date : Apr 07, 2016 09:52 AM EDT