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FIFA 18 stars Cristiano Ronaldo for the very first time on its cover title : Cristiano Ronaldo Is FIFA 18 Global Cover Star For The First Time
summary : 6 June 2017: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenal athlete, and he is clearly a strong candidate to be in the running for picking up his 5th Ballon D’Or due to a strong finish this season. In yet another first in his star-studded career, he will be the global cover star for EA Sports’ FIFA 18 video game.
date : Jun 06, 2017 11:19 PM EDT
Pro Soccer Evolution 2018 title : FIFA 18 and PES 2018: Release Date, Gameplay and Pre-order Deals
summary : The battle between who is the best soccer video game begins once again. Developer Konami recently revealed the release date of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. As expected, it will come with brand-new features that longtime soccer fans will really love. On the other hand, developer EA Sports is making significant changes in FIFA 18 for its scheduled September 2017 launching.
date : May 18, 2017 06:57 AM EDT
Fifa 17 title : FIFA 17 vs. PES 2017 Gamescom 2016 Preview: Trailer, Gameplay, Teams and Release Date
summary : The battle between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 17 and FIFA 17 is about to start. At Gamescom 2016, Developers Konami and EA sports released a brand new trailer for the upcoming football simulation games. This year's edition of PES and FIFA are expected to boast new game engine, improved graphics and realistic gameplay controls.
date : Aug 18, 2016 11:11 AM EDT
 NHL 17 title : NHL 17 and Madden NFL 17 Release Date, Gameplay And New Features
summary : In the next few months, NHL 17 and Madden NFL 17 will hit gaming shelves. These two big sports releases of the year are expected to offer updated gameplay, improved physics engine and new roster. Now, here's the latest round-up of update about Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17 release date, gameplay, review and rumors.
date : Jul 29, 2016 03:20 PM EDT
Games title : WWE 2K17, NBA 2K17 and FIFA 17 Release Date, New Features and New Players
summary : Popular sports video game franchises are now teasing their fans on what to expect this year. From wrestling to football game, gamers will definitely have plenty of options. It is reported developer Visual Concepts and EA Sports are now preparing to release the sequel of WWE 2k, NBA 2K and FIFA game series later this year.
date : Jun 26, 2016 08:41 AM EDT
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 title : FIFA 17 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Gameplay Review, Release Date and New Features
summary : Since their introduction in 1990s, EA's FIFA series and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) have been trying do to each other by adding various game tweaks and new gameplay styles. This year, both titles are expected to boast awesome features to please their avid followers. Now, here's the latest about FIFA 17 vs. PES 2017 release date, gameplay and new features.
date : Jun 23, 2016 11:27 AM EDT
Madden 17 title : Madden NFL 17 Release Date for PC, PS 4, PS 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, New Players and Features
summary : During E3 2016, game developer EA Sports revealed new details about the much-awaited Madden NFL 17. The latest installment in the American Football game series is said to have new gameplay, revamped in-game game presentation and improvements in Franchise mode. Now, here's what is currently known about Madden 17 release date, gameplay and new features.
date : Jun 22, 2016 10:40 AM EDT
FIFA 17 title : FIFA 17 Pre-Order, Release Date and Features: Prepare For a True-To-Life Soccer Game
summary : Many gamers had a chance to experience the new gameplay and awesome features of FIFA 17 at E3 2016. Game Developer EA Sports says the new edition of popular soccer have game-changing additions and a bunch of updates, tweaks and improvement. Now, here's the latest about FIFA 17 pre-order, release date and new features.
date : Jun 17, 2016 09:46 PM EDT
FIFA 17 title : FIFA 17, NBA 2K17 Release Date, Players and Rumors: Expect More Details At E3 2016
summary : Two of the most popular sports video game will release their next installment in September this year. As early as now, details about these two much-anticipated titles are available online. Here's the latest round up of update about FIFA 17 and NBA 2k17 release date, players and rumours on the web.
date : Jun 09, 2016 11:00 AM EDT
title : NBA Live 16 Release Date, Updates: EA To Offer Free Pro-Am Demo for PS4 & Xbox One Ahead Of Release
summary : EA Sports that a free Live Pro-Am demo will arrive for for the upcoming NBA Live 16 basketball sim next month. It will bring two new online modes, called LIVE Run and Summer Circuit, for interested gamers to try.
date : Aug 14, 2015 02:34 PM EDT