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Floyd Mayweather Jr. title : Floyd Mayweather Jr. in For a 'Very Tough Night' With Andre Berto, Says Amir Khan; Manny Pacquiao's Last Opponent Eats 'Soul Food'
summary : The upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Andre Berto, which is the final match of the undefeated champion, has been ridiculed by followers of the boxing world. Apart from how the September 12 bout will feature two boxers pegged with incomparable career records, Mayweather has 48 - 0 while Berto achieved 3 - 3 in his last six matches, sports analysts also point out that other athletes like Amir Khan and Keith Thurman would have been better options than the former Welterweight champion. In fact, even a rematch with Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has been deemed as a more suitable end to Mayweather's boxing career.
date : Aug 06, 2015 03:16 AM EDT