Tag : Gamescom 2016
 Attack on Titan Video Game title : Attack on Titan Video Game Release Date and Gameplay; Attack on Titan Season 2 Start Date
summary : The long wait is over. Publisher Koei Tecmo announced that the Attack on Titan Video game will release this month and will reveal some key storylines for the anime's season 2. The publisher also launched new trailer that reveals two more types of Titans.
date : Aug 19, 2016 08:59 AM EDT
Pokemon Sun and Moon title : Watch Pokémon Sun And Moon Gamescom 2016 Live Stream: Enjoy Live Gameplay Video, New Pokémon Duking It Out, Alola Forms And More
summary : How to watch Pokémon Sun and Moon Gamescom 2016 live stream? Read all about it below as you get to enjoy live gameplay video that will depict the various Alola forms, not to mention new Pokémon in action, among others.
date : Aug 18, 2016 09:06 PM EDT
Gamescom 2016 title : Gamescom 2016 Schedule, New Games Release Update: Tekken 7, Battlefield, Final Fantasy 15 and Metal Gear Survive
summary : Thousands of gamers are expected to come on Cologne, Germany for this year's Gamescom. The annual trade show is set to showcase some of the biggest titles of 2016. Now, we'll give you an update about what are the games that will be announced on Gamescom 2016.
date : Aug 18, 2016 11:56 AM EDT