Tag : global economy
The head office of the Royal Bank of Scotland title : RBS Warns of Stock Market Crash, Investors Should 'Sell All Except High Quality Bonds'
summary : The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has predicted that 2016 will be a financially "cataclysmic year." They are warning their clients to, “Sell everything except high quality bonds. This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.”
date : Jan 15, 2016 01:49 PM EST
Anne Graham Lotz title : Anne Graham Lotz on 2016: National and Global Situation Will Worsen, Call To Prayer and Fasting
summary : Anne Graham Lotz seems to have received a prophetic type of word for America. While many Christians and church leaders tend to set aside the first few days or even weeks to fast and pray, Lotz's focus and call for fasting isn't about many of the typical focuses that Christians choose. This is about asking the Lord to be merciful to this nation, set a hedge around it, and protect Americans from an "encroaching darkness of evil."
date : Jan 05, 2016 01:37 PM EST
Oxfam title : Oxfam: Richest 1 Percent Will Control Most of World’s Wealth by 2016
summary : The British anti-poverty charity Oxfam released a report that claimed that the world’s richest 1 percent would soon own more wealth in the world than the other 99 percent.
date : Jan 20, 2015 07:52 PM EST