Tag : Google Daydream
Google Daydream title : Google Daydream Release Date: Delivers VR to The Masses
summary : Google's latest attempt at delivering Virtual Reality to the masses arrives in the form of the newly announced Google Daydream.
date : Oct 05, 2016 04:18 PM EDT
Huawei title : Huawei Honor 8, Huawei Daydream-Ready Nexus Release date, Specs and Rumours
summary : After the announcement of Honor V8 smartphone, Chinese phone maker Huawei is reportedly developing another device. The upcoming Huawei Honor 8 is rumoured to have aesthetically pleasing appearance and top-notch specifications. Now, here's the latest round up of update about Huawei Honor 8 release date, specs and features. We'll also give details about the rumoured Huawei Daydream-ready Nexus device.
date : Jun 05, 2016 07:34 AM EDT