Tag : healthcare
Franklin Graham praying title : Franklin Graham 'Sickened', Slams Republicans Over Failure to Replace Obamacare
summary : Evangelist Franklin Graham has slammed the Republican party for failing to repeal and replace and Obamacare and said both parties need to "lay their pride and greed aside" and work to better their country.
date : Mar 28, 2017 07:39 PM EDT
Affordable Care Act title : Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare Regulations Protecting Abortion, Gender Identity
summary : A Texas federal judge issued a temporary injunction on Saturday blocking the Obama administration’s mandate not to discriminate against abortion and gender identity in healthcare services just one day before the regulations were to take effect.
date : Jan 04, 2017 09:56 AM EST
U.S. Healthcare and Economy title : U.S. Healthcare Expenses Overtake Social Security For First Time, Public Debt Fueling Financial Crisis
summary : Last year was the first time in history that healthcare spending exceeded what the nation was receiving in Social Security payments from the work force. The CBO reported on Monday that Medicare, Medicaid, The Children's Health Program and Obamacare all combined meant that the nation had forked over $936 billion, which is $54 billion more than Social Security received in labor force payments. That along with the 2016 federal deficit increase and significant increases in public debt means that a national financial crisis is looming that would last for decades.
date : Jan 26, 2016 12:47 PM EST
Barack Obama State of the Union Address 2014 title : Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address: "Let's Make This a Year of Action" (Full Text, Video)
summary : President Barack Obama addressed the United States for the fifth time in the State of the Union address on the evening Tuesday, January 28 following a difficult and what is being called "the worst year" of his presidency, according to ABC News. President Obama, addressed numerous of topics but ultimately underlined the theme of "action" for 2014.
date : Jan 29, 2014 12:09 AM EST