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House of Cards title : ‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Finale, Season 5 Release Date: Did Season 4 Finale Really Show a Legit Easter Egg?
summary : The last episode of the fourth season of "House of Cards" may have just featured an easter egg to pay tribute to an award-winning American film. But then again, given the nature of the episode, this may have just been a coincidence.
date : Apr 26, 2016 02:54 PM EDT
Kevin Spacey title : ‘House of Cards’ Updates: Kevin Spacey Says Series can Predict the Future
summary : Kevin Spacey, star of the political drama series "House of Cards," recently appeared on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and discussed the various details of the show. One of the interesting topics that he shared is how the series reflects reality.
date : Apr 21, 2016 02:48 PM EDT
House of Cards title : ‘House of Cards’ News & Updates: Kevin Spacey Says that Series is Not As Extreme As Actual Politics
summary : Kevin Spacey, who plays the iconic character Frank Underwood in the political drama "House of Cards," recently said that the show is nowhere near as extreme as what's happening in the real world's political environment. In addition, he also assured fans that the departure of the show's creator will not affect the quality of the series.
date : Apr 12, 2016 11:00 AM EDT
Doug Stamper title : ‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Spoilers & Rumors: Michael Kelly Talks About Story Arc for Character Doug Stamper
summary : Michael Kelly, who plays chief of staff Doug Stamper in "House of Cards" recently talked about the story arc of his character and what's in store for him in the upcoming seasons. According to Kelly, Stamper's impressive loyalty to Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood is almost like an addiction.
date : Mar 31, 2016 12:23 PM EDT
House of Cards title : House of Cards Season 4 Release Date and Spoilers: Claire Underwood Will Go Against Frank Underwood
summary : The long wait is over. Netflix has finally revealed the release date of House of Cards Season 4. Its newest trailer, "The Leader We Deserve", was debuted during the Golden Globes award night. Watch the return of malevolent politician Frank Underwood on March 4. 2016.
date : Jan 20, 2016 12:50 PM EST
House of Cards Season 4 title : House of Cards Season 4 Spoilers: First Teaser Released On CNN GOP Campaign, Release Date 2016, New Cast
summary : The first trailer of "House of Cards" Season 4 has been released. Included in the trailer is the start date for the widely anticipated Netflix Originals series
date : Dec 16, 2015 12:57 PM EST
House of Cards Season 4 title : House of Cards Season 4 Release Date, Update, Spoilers, Cast; The Rise of A ‘New Power Couple’
summary : The production of House of Cards season 4 - which will air sometime in 2016 - will feature a new power couple in Washington. The younger version of Claire and Frank will soon leverage their edge to overtake the reigning leads in the White House, the Christian Post reported.
date : Nov 19, 2015 05:37 PM EST
House of Cards Season 4 title : House of Cards Season 4 Release Date, Update and Spoilers: Neve Campbell Onboard
summary : Turn on the TV and you've got high-strung political drama set in the seat of power. Is it the 2016 elections or is it House of Cards season 4?
date : Nov 02, 2015 10:59 PM EST
House of Cards Season 4 title : House of Cards Season 4 Netflix Release Date, Spoilers: Will It Reflect Real-Life 2016 Presidential Elections?
summary : Much speculation has been going around on what will transpire on the American web television series that capitalizes on political drama. The producers of House of Cards obviously want the season 4 storylines to remain under wraps, but that won't stop intrepid insiders from leaking spoilers of what they do know. This includes a plot that aims to resemble the real life political drama that will be unfolding in the 2016 elections, Enstarz reports.
date : Oct 22, 2015 01:08 AM EDT
House of Cards Season 4 title : House of Cards Season 4 Release Date, Spoilers and Cast: Neve Campbell and Husband as New Power Couple, Presidential Elections
summary : Season 4 of House of Cards, the highly-popular political drama, will premiere in February 2016, when the U.S. Presidential election campaign heats up, but Netflix is still keeping its cards about details and exact release date of the Emmy Award-winning show close to its chest.
date : Aug 06, 2015 03:23 AM EDT