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HP's New Cloud-Optimized Laptops. title : HP New Cloud-Optimized Laptops Includes on a 14-inch Laptop, Stream 11, and X360 Release Dates, Prices, and News
summary : Just in time for back to school, HP is delivering an "affordable cloud computing experience" for its users. We are truly living in an age where cloud computing is at an all-time high. Laptops and other portable devices still need better processing, but considering that consumers are more into social media and storing data on the cloud with web-based programs, it is the web connection and not the processor that keep consumers upgrading their laptops. This is why HP is giving consumers strong Wi-Fi antenna technology, as well as making these new PCs more affordable. This is what is known about HP's New cloud-optimized laptops that include the 14-inch laptop, Stream 11, and x360 with release dates and prices.
date : Aug 12, 2016 10:21 AM EDT