Tag : Indiana News
Indiana Senate title : School Prayer Plan Legislation Canceled by Lawmakers
summary : Indiana senators abandoned a legislative proposal that would have mandated time for public prayer during school assemblies, sports competitions and other events, due to questions about how such a policy would affect non-religious students.
date : Mar 23, 2017 05:13 PM EDT
Indiana Trooper Brian Hamilton title : Indiana Trooper Fired for Proselytizing in Traffic Stops, Sued Twice For Witnessing Faith in Pullovers
summary : Indiana trooper Brian Hamilton has been sued twice in the past 18 months for allegedly preaching to citizens after stopping them for traffic violations. Indiana State Police representatives said Thursday they had to sever Hamilton from the highway patrol force.
date : Apr 08, 2016 11:37 AM EDT
ABC The Bachelor title : 'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins Is Christian 'Prince Charming,' Has Heart For Jesus
summary : The 20th season of ABC's reality show "The Bachelor" premiered this week, and hopes are high regarding the show's current love interest, Ben Higgins — a heart-broken, previous fan favorite who hails from Warsaw, Ind. The Bachelor community includes quite a diverse range of fans of all ages, and this season, Christians are rooting for Higgins to take the high moral ground and continue setting good examples as he started his romantic journey with 28 women.
date : Jan 07, 2016 02:49 PM EST