Tag : Internet Evangelism
The Emoji Bible title : New Emoji Bible for Millennials Translates 66 Books of King James Bible Using Emojis, Available on iBooks
summary : "Bible Emoji: Scripture 4 Millennials" was released in the iBooks store on Sunday. This book is available for $2.99, and it aims to attract young people to learn more about Jesus Christ. It interprets all 66 books of the King James Version using emojis and commonly-used internet slangs.
date : Jun 01, 2016 12:18 PM EDT
facegloria christian facebook title : Facegloria, ‘Facebook for Christians,’ Takes off in Brazil; Some Computer Program Languages Also Have Christian Background
summary : A new social network from Brazil called Facegloria has taken off, signing up 100,000 users in one month according to its founders. The website aims to be a Facebook alternative for Christians.
date : Jul 08, 2015 02:14 AM EDT
Internet User title : Billy Graham's Internet Evangelism Ministry Saved 4 Million People Since 2011
summary : Reports released Tuesday show that in 2013, record numbers of people made a commitment to follow Jesus thanks to Billy Graham's online evangelism ministry.
date : Jan 29, 2014 04:27 PM EST