Tag : iPad Mini 5
iPad Mini 4 title : iPad Mini 5 Is Not Happening, The Tablet Is Dead. Long Live The Tablet!
summary : 14 June 2017: Apple has had great success with its iPad series of tablets over the years, but the tablet trend has taken a downward route in recent memory, making it not viable to continue with the iPad mini 5 despite many fans making a request. What will Apple churn out next to replace the iPad mini?
date : Jun 15, 2017 11:23 AM EDT
Apple's current iPad Pro title : iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Latest News, Rumors And Specs
summary : What does Apple have in store for the next generation of iPad Pro and iPad mini? They could arrive as the iPad Pro 2 and iPad mini 5.
date : Oct 04, 2016 09:44 AM EDT
Apple news title : iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs and Rumors: Apple May Discontinue the Next iPad Devices
summary : While Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 7 on September, many are looking forward for the launching of iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3. However, latest reports say Apple might not release the next iPad Mini and iPad Air. Let's check out if that it is true.
date : Aug 20, 2016 11:22 AM EDT
Apple September 9th Event iPad Pro, iPad Mini title : iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Apple Next iPad Models Expected To Be Water & Dust Resistant, Sport New A9 Processors
summary : In September last year, Apple users were eagerly waiting for the successor of the iPad Air 2. However, the tech giant had only launched the iPad Mini 4 and the bigger feature-packed iPad Pro models. That time, it was speculated that the iPad Air 3’s development was put on hold to give way to the company’s 12.9-inch slate. Now, new reports suggest that the next iPad Air will be unveiled on March. Meanwhile, the next iteration of Apple’s more portable tablet line, the iPad Mini 5, is expected to come a little later on September.
date : Jan 24, 2016 12:15 PM EST