Tag : Josh Duggar scandal
Josh and Anna Duggar title : Anna and Josh Duggar News: Anna Mulls Over divorce from Husband
summary : Word has it that Anna Duggar and Josh are about to head for Splitsville, and it does not look as though there is going to be any possible reconciliation.
date : Nov 06, 2016 06:18 PM EST
Josh Duggar title : '19 Kids and Counting' Update: New Alleged Victim Of Josh Duggar Surfaces, Accuses Him of Molestation
summary : Now that Josh Duggar has been released from rehab, it seems the popular reality television family is now ready to get back to their normal lives. However, they could end up facing another controversy since another woman is claiming that she had been sexually molested by Josh.
date : Apr 22, 2016 12:50 PM EDT
Duggars title : ‘Jill and Jessa: Counting On’ Updates: Anna Duggar Spends Girls’ Day With Jana, Jinger and Joy
summary : Despite all the controversies surrounding her marriage, it seems Anna Duggar is ready to return to her normal life as she recently spent quality time with her sisters-in-law. She even posted a photo of her with Jana, Jinger and Joy-Anna Duggar as they spend girls' day last weekend.
date : Apr 18, 2016 12:23 PM EDT
Josh Duggar title : ’19 Kids and Counting’ Updates & Rumors: Did Duggars Celebrate National Siblings Day without Josh?
summary : Earlier this week, families around the country celebrated National Siblings Day in their own ways. The Duggars, probably the most popular television family today, also celebrated the U.S. holiday, but apparently, without Josh.
date : Apr 14, 2016 11:35 AM EDT
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar title : ’19 Kids and Counting’ News and Updates: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Address Divorce Rumors
summary : Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the patriarch and matriarch of the "19 Kids and Counting" clan have long been plagued by rumors of divorce. But recently, the two finally addressed those rumors through a Facebook post.
date : Mar 31, 2016 12:08 PM EDT
Josh Duggar title : Josh Duggar Rumored to Go on World Tour To Talk About Post-Rehab Life, Will Wife Anna Support Him?
summary : Josh Duggar, the controversial star of the reality show "19 Kids and Counting" and member of the Duggar family, is reportedly planning to go on a world tour to open up about his experiences now that he's out of rehab. However, it is not yet clear if his family, or even his wife Anna Duggar, will support him during his speaking engagements.
date : Mar 29, 2016 01:20 PM EDT
19 Kids and Counting Josh and Anna Duggar with Fourth Child Meredith title : '19 Kids and Counting' Josh Duggar Shares Photo of Fourth Child as Family’s Finances Face Scrutiny After TLC Cancellation
summary : Josh Duggar went on social media recently to announce the birth of his fourth child with his wife, Anna. At the same time, the Duggar clan could be facing financial troubles after TLC cancelled their show ’19 Kids and Counting.’
date : Jul 30, 2015 09:33 PM EDT
Josh Duggar title : '19 Kids and Counting' Josh and Anna Duggar Celebrate Son Michael's Birthday; Josh Breaks Silence on Social Media
summary : Family of '19 Kids and Counting's Josh Duggar recently broke their silence on social media Tuesday by celebrating the birthday of their son, Michael. He turned four years old.
date : Jun 17, 2015 12:12 AM EDT
Josh Duggar title : Josh Duggar Turns Resigns From Family Research Council, Apologizes In Wake of Child Molestation Claims
summary : Reality television star Josh Duggar turned in his resignation to the Family Research Council and apologized for his “wrongdoing” on Thursday after a tabloid report made allegations that he molested several underage girls when he was a teenager.
date : May 22, 2015 09:59 AM EDT