Tag : Kim Burrell
Kim Burrell title : Kim Burrell Loses Radio Show After Calling Homosexuality 'Perverted' as Backlash Mounts
summary : On Friday, it was announced that the Gospel singer's radio show, "Bridging the Gap," had been cancelled amid backlash from LGBT activists over anti-gay comments she made in a sermon delivered at Love & Liberty Fellowship Pentecostal Church in Houston, Texas.
date : Jan 06, 2017 01:54 PM EST
Kim Burrell title : Kim Burrell Axed from 'The Ellen Show' After Saying Homosexuals are 'Deceived' - But Refuses to Back Down
summary : Gospel singer Kim Burrell has been axed from a planned appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show after refusing to back down regarding comments she made in a sermon referring to homosexuality as "perverted" and a "stain on the body of Christ".
date : Jan 04, 2017 11:31 AM EST
Andrae Crouch title : Gospel Music Legend Andrae Crouch Dead at 72: Biography, Greatest Song Hits, and Christian Testimony
summary : Legendary gospel performer, songwriter and choir director Andrae Crouch has died at the age of 72 at a Los Angeles hospital. His publicist said that he suffered from a heart attack.
date : Jan 09, 2015 07:25 AM EST