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Kyrie Irving title : Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: LeBron James Loses Hope on Kyrie Irving's Return; JR Smith, Tristan Thompson Take on Role
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers incurred their second straight loss in the hands of the Detroit Pistons. Garnering a final score of 104-99, the LeBron James failed to utilize the strengths of its NBA stars as well as execute the supposed foolproof strategies of head coach David Blatt. Apart from these concerns, the Cleveland Cavaliers are missing one key player: Kyrie Irving.
date : Nov 20, 2015 02:41 AM EST
LeBron James title : Lebron James Becomes Youngest Player In NBA History to Reach 25,000 Points: ‘A Testament To His Greatness’
summary : LeBron James joins three other legendary names in the NBA hall of fame: Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for recently hitting 25,000 points with fewer games, and for being the youngest NBA player to do so, Vocativ reports.
date : Nov 10, 2015 12:02 PM EST
Lebron James title : Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James Ends Kevin Love Feud; Tristan Thompson Fills In for Kyrie Irving, JR Smith Loss
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers have vowed that the current NBA season will see them emerge as the champions, beating out every team in the basketball league and dethroning the Golden State Warriors. Prior to the start of the NBA season, LeBron James gathered his teammates including Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, JR Smith and Sasha Kaun to ensure in a voluntary training session in Miami in an effort to boost the Cleveland Cavaliers' chances of winning this time around. While the initial days of the training saw the Cleveland Cavaliers minus Tristan Thompson, the Canadian basketball star eventually bagged a better contract with the basketball team. Hence, it was a relief when the basketball star joined LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the practice sessions. It appears, however, that the problems plaguing the promising basketball squad are not stopping anytime soon.
date : Nov 09, 2015 11:57 AM EST
Pau Gasol title : Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah Out, Nikola Mirotic In; Pau Gasol Rejects LeBron James
summary : The Chicago Bulls got their pound of flesh following the slaughter they experienced in the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the past NBA season. In the first game between the two NBA teams, the Chicago Bulls pulled off a heartstopping win over the Cleveland Cavaliers - a move that actually revived the hope of the fans and followers of the Derrick Rose franchise. Moreover, the 97-95 narrow win of the Chicago Bulls now provides head coach David Blatt the confidence to possibly beat the LeBron James basketball squad in the Eastern Conference this season.
date : Oct 28, 2015 11:10 AM EDT
Lebron James title : Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls Live Stream Free and Preview: How To Watch NBA Online, Radio Stations
summary : Lebron James declared he is ready for the 2015-2016 NBA regular season and give his Cleveland Cavaliers their first-ever NBA Championship ring. But then, former MVP Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has also declared himself ready to utangle with the Cavaliers on Tuesday on national TNT at the United Center at 8p.m. ET.
date : Oct 27, 2015 10:05 AM EDT
LeBron James title : NBA News and Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Fear LeBron James Loss; Tristan Thompson Joins JR Smith, Iman Shumpert
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers have been obvious favorites over the Golden State Warriors in the recently concluded NBA season. Fans and followers of the Cleveland Cavaliers hold the belief that the said NBA team would have undoubtedly dominated Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson's squad if only all of LeBron James' teammates had been healthy throughout the season - that is, if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love overcame their injuries. Throughout the NBA offseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers have exhibited such a promising performance. In fact, it was earlier perceived that the biggest obstacle for the Cleveland Cavaliers had only involved the re-signing of Tristan Thompon. It appears, however, that the NBA team will have to contend with bigger problems this coming NBA season as star player LeBron James is still incapable of fully engaging in practices.
date : Oct 26, 2015 03:38 AM EDT
NBA 2K16 title : NBA 2K16 Update, Patches, Locker Codes, MyCareer No Socks Issue, Adds Lebron XIII And Curry 2
summary : Game developer 2K Sports has released new update for its hugely successful basketball simulation video game NBA 2K16 to fix some issues, particularly in the game's MyCareer mode.
date : Oct 25, 2015 01:14 AM EDT
Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat title : NBA News & Rumors: Miami Heat Deal With Dwyane Wade, Goran Dragic Team Up; Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers Welcome Briante Weber
summary : The Miami Heat had a disappointing run in the previous NBA season following the departure of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, leaving only Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to carry on the legacy of the Big Three. Throughout the NBA offseason, the Miami Heat had been dealing with trade rumors involving basketball stars Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen.
date : Oct 21, 2015 02:13 PM EDT
Tristan Thompson title : NBA News & Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Tristan Thompson; LeBron James Backs Off from Contract Talks
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson have been in a stalemate regarding the contract of LeBron James' buddy since the beginning of the NBA offseason. With the Canadian basketball star demanding for a higher pay and the NBA team unable, or unwilling to succumb to the deal, the two parties have been stuck in the negotiating table while the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers players train. As things stand at the moment, Tristan Thompson is at the brink of losing a potentially ludicrous career alongside LeBron James due to the absence of a concrete plan regarding his future. Moreover, the return of Kevin Love in the Cleveland Cavaliers this NBA season might prove to be disastrous in the plans of Tristan Thompson to bag a more expensive deal this year.
date : Oct 21, 2015 12:28 PM EDT
NBA 2K16. title : NBA 2K16 Locker and Cheat Codes, Guide to Matchmaking, Redemptions, Latest News Update
summary : The time to get locker and cheat codes for NBA 2K15 is over as 2K Sports has released NBA 2K16, the much-anticipated successor to the basketball simulation video game and one of the most anticipated games.
date : Oct 14, 2015 08:23 AM EDT
Lebron James and Stephen Curry title : NBA News and Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Find LeBron James Backup; Tristan Thompson Replaced
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers are not bagging wins this NBA preseason, but it appears that the LeBron James squad might be gaining more despite their losses. With the recently concluded game against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Cavaliers discovered a gem among the basketball stars in its training camp roster: Jared Cunningham.
date : Oct 10, 2015 02:43 AM EDT
NBA 2k15 title : 2K Sports Gives NBA 2K15 One Final Push With Cheats And Locker Codes
summary : Game developer 2K Sports is giving the basketball simulation video game NBA 2K15 one final push to ensure that the game will not go quietly into the night once the much-anticipated NBA 2K16 finally hits the shelves.
date : Oct 09, 2015 02:05 PM EDT
Justise Winslow title : Miami Heat's Justise Winslow, Josh Richardson fail Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Challenge; Goran Dragic, Gerald Green Expect Better Rookies
summary : The Miami Heat roster has been struggling for quite some time due to the departure of LeBron James. As King James made the decision to leave the Miami Heat in an effort to bring pride and joy to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh attempted to make up for the lost part of the Big Three. However, it appears that their efforts are falling short as the Miami Heat barely made a splash in the NBA season last year. This time around, however, the NBA team appears to be filling in the spots with young and fresh basketball stars to presumably build a winning squad from the ground up. The entrance of rookies Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson in the Miami Heat locker could be assumed to indicate the NBA team's move to provide solid support to veteran Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.
date : Oct 07, 2015 02:57 PM EDT
title : NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson Standoff Continues, LeBron James Pressures Cavs to End 'Distraction'
summary : Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James initially said that he was not going to comment about Tristan Thompson’s dispute with the team. Over the weekend, however, the NBA star finally weighed in on the situation and mentioned that both sides should agree on a mutual deal soon.
date : Oct 06, 2015 02:03 AM EDT
Kevin Durant title : Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant Eye LaMarcus Aldridge, Kobe Bryant Defeat; Russell Westbrook, Dion Waiters Excited For NBA Season
summary : The Oklahoma City Thunder are entering the upcoming NBA season with incredibly strong confidence that the Kevin Durant squad could finally clinch the Western Conference title this. More than dominating the West, it looks like the strength and aggressiveness exhibited by Oklahoma City Thunder stars Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters are extremely promising signs in terms of unseating the Golden State Warriors and becoming the new NBA Finals champions. Although the competition in the West could turn out to be quite challenging this year, especially with the entry of LaMarcus Aldridge in the San Antonio Spurs roster and the promising performance of Rajon Rondo in the practices of the Sacramento Kings, fans and followers of the Oklahoma City Thunder squad remain confident that the return of the great Kevin Durant could spell the difference to the game plays executed by head coach Billy Donovan. Should the Oklahoma City Thunder actually emerge victorious in the Western Conference, presumably beating the likes of Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, Rudy Gay of the Sacramento Kings, James Harden of the Houston Rockets and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, then Kevin Durant and his squad have yet to confront basketball stars such as LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls to actually take home the NBA championship trophy. Could the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball stars do it?
date : Oct 05, 2015 10:04 AM EDT
Tristan Thompson title : NBA News & Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love Serves As LeBron James Support; Tristan Thompson Out
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers are entering the NBA season this year with quite a bit of uncertainty in the LeBron James squad. With the start of training camp and as the regular NBA season draws nearer, it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers should make the necessary adjustments in their basketball roster. With the unclear status of Tristan Thompson in the Cleveland Cavaliers, there remains questions on whether or not LeBron James will eventually come to his rescue and help in pressuring the NBA team to give in to the Canadian basketball star's demands. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers will reportedly provide Kevin Love more opportunities to exhibit his basketball and leadership skills this NBA season - a decision echoed by LeBron James himself.
date : Oct 02, 2015 09:52 AM EDT
Tristan Thompson title : NBA News & Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Reach Agreement with Tristan Thompson; LeBron James Turn Away from Wingman Dilemma
summary : The drama that saw the Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson at opposite sides of the NBA spectrum might end soon. While no official details have been confirmed by both parties, the rumor mill churned out an interesting piece of information in the past days - that is, Tristan Thompson will reportedly accept a three-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers worth $53 million. Should this rumor be eventually proven to be correct, then it could be said that Tristan Thompson opted to stay with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love despite the substantial decrease in his target income. Earlier this NBA offseason, the Canadian basketball star demanded a five-year deal worth $94 million.
date : Sep 28, 2015 11:29 AM EDT
Stephen Curry title : NBA News & Rumors: Golden State Warriors Boost Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Team; Ben Gordon In, Harrison Barnes Out
summary : The Golden State Warriors have been facing criticism since winning the NBA title last season, with fans and followers of the basketball community claiming that the injuries incurred by their opposing teams are the ones that actually led to the championship of Stephen Curry's squad. With the injuries of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, the NBA crowd saw LeBron James attempt to singlehandedly bring home the crown to the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room. However, his attempts fell short - a fact that has been pointed out by thousands of believers of King James himself who think that the Golden State Warriors would not have stood a chance had LeBron James' entire crew remained healthy.
date : Sep 25, 2015 12:19 PM EDT
Lebron James and Kevin Love title : NBA News & Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers All Set for Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love Return; LeBron James Snub Tristan Thompson Drama
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers have been quite occupied throughout the NBA offseason due to the ongoing concern on the status of Canadian basketball star Tristan Thompson. Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers began to rely heavily on Tristan Thompson as the second in command to LeBron James, the substitute of Kevin Love has managed to gain clout in the NBA team. Apart from stepping in where Kevin Love left off in the previous NBA season, the basketball community stood dumbfounded by the easy chemistry between LeBron James and Tristan Thompson throughout the games - a pairing that could have seen the Cleveland Cavaliers emerge as champs instead of Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors.
date : Sep 24, 2015 01:47 AM EDT
Derrick Rose title : NBA Rumors & News: Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler Eye Pau Gasol Recovery; Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah Welcome Jordan Crawford
summary : The Chicago Bulls have always been favorites in the NBA - a fact that has become apparent in the previous season despite the injuries incurred by Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. The previous NBA season did not go to waste for the Chicago Bulls though, as rising star Jimmy Butler proved to be a formidable foe to the rest of the teams and a highly effective leader in the absence of veteran basketball star Derrick Rose. Moreover, the match between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers saw Jimmy Butler rising above the expectations of the NBA community and actually managing to go head to head against the great LeBron James.
date : Sep 23, 2015 04:13 AM EDT
Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat title : Miami Heat boost Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Subs; Goran Drajic, Mario Chalmers Welcome Tre Kelley, John Lucas III
summary : The departure of LeBron James from the Miami Heat roster has left Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at a loss in the previous NBA season. In disbanding the Big Three of the Miami Heat by moving to the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James effectively disturbed the rhythm of the basketball team and pushed the front office to scramble in looking for potential substitutes for him. While Goran Drajic appeared to have stepped up in the previous NBA season, the gaping hole left by LeBron James remains a problem area for the Miami Heat.
date : Sep 22, 2015 02:44 AM EDT
Atlanta Hawks title : NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Eye Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls Losses; Al Horford, Paul Millsap Target LeBron James, Derrick Rose Face Off
summary : The performance of the Atlanta Hawks in the previous NBA season had fans and followers of the basketball community shocked and hopeful that an underdog could actually take home the title. With an impressive feat of going undefeated for 19 consecutive games, the Atlanta Hawks proved quite a number of sports analysts and enthusiasts wrong in their predictions. Going head to head against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a match that saw NBA superstar LeBron James struggle to take the lead, the Atlanta Hawks gave its followers the chance to see how one of the most underrated teams in the league could overcome obstacles and emerge victorious amid the odds stacked against them.
date : Sep 21, 2015 02:38 AM EDT
James Harden Houston Rockets title : NBA News and Rumors: Houston Rockets Sign James Harden Backups; Dwight Howard, Ty Lawson Welcome Montrezi Harrell and Joshua Smith
summary : The Houston Rockets have been busy acquiring basketball stars left and right this NBA offseason. With the Cleveland Cavaliers bolstering its roster courtesy of the re-signing of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert, as well as the intense training of the Golden State Warriors which look forward to better and more notable performances from Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Jason Thompson, the Houston Rockets could not afford to lag behind in terms of signing players who can serve as back up to James Harden. Although the runner-up NBA MVP showed notable improvement in the hardwood last season, the fact remains that the Houston Rockets were undermanned and failed to provide James Harden the much needed support to push the team to the finals.
date : Sep 20, 2015 10:58 PM EDT
Tristan Thompson title : NBA News and Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Push Out Tristan Thompson; LeBron James Welcome Nick Minnerath
summary : The journey of Tristan Thompson with the Cleveland Cavaliers appears to be at a standstill, with both sides choosing to stand their ground and attempting to let the other view things through their perspectives. With this current situation, it looks like the NBA team is opting to consider other basketball stars to add to their roster - a move that might make the question of whether or not LeBron James needs Tristan Thompson to help the Cleveland Cavaliers dethrone Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors a moot point. The latest NBA star to join Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and JR Smith in the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room is Nick Minnerath.
date : Sep 20, 2015 08:02 AM EDT
Derrick Rose title : NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Sign Rudy Gay; Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler Excited for Sacramento Kings Star
summary : The Chicago Bulls have been eyeing ways to make a comeback this season. With the heartbreaking defeat the NBA team experienced in the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the past season, Derrick Rose and the rest of the Chicago Bulls aim to bounce back from their slump and utilize all possible means to achieve this goal. Moreover, the breakout performance of Jimmy Butler throughout the absence of an injured Derrick Rose proved to be a revelation to the team that had been in dire need of rescuing. As the NBA regular season once again nears its starting date, the Chicago Bulls appear to be searching for stars to add to their roster in an effort to finally clinch the widely coveted NBA championship title and dethrone the Golden State Warriors.
date : Sep 20, 2015 02:07 AM EDT
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