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Maryland Stadium, Formerly Byrd Stadium, University of Maryland title : University of Maryland Votes To Change The Name of Byrd Stadium
summary : The troubling trend of renaming buildings on university campuses has infected the world of college sports. In November, the University of Maryland Board of Regents voted to rename Byrd Stadium, the home field of the U. of M. football team, to the simple moniker Maryland Stadium. The board voted 12-5 in favor of the measure after student-led protests to rename the stadium began early in 2015.
date : Dec 15, 2015 01:14 PM EST
Kirsten Powers title : Kirsten Powers: ‘Intolerant Left’ a Threat to Free Speech In U.S. [Interview]
summary : Liberal political analyst Kirsten Powers argues that the culture of free speech in the United States is now threatened by those who historically stood up for that concept.
date : May 12, 2015 06:22 PM EDT
Jewish and Christian Relationship title : Prominent Yale Professor Argues That Jews Should Care about Future of Christianity in Europe
summary : Prominent computer scientist and Yale University professor David Gelernter wrote a column stating the case on why the Jewish people should care about the fate of Christianity in Europe.
date : Mar 25, 2015 03:24 PM EDT