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Wayne Rooney title : Manchester United News: Louis Van Gaal, Wayne Rooney Eye Premiere League Trophy; Ex-Everton Star Dons Blue Uniform For Duncan Ferguson Memorial
summary : More than a decade has passed since fans and followers of Everton FC saw former star player Wayne Rooney don the blue and white uniform but the Manchester United captain still holds the hearts of his Liverpool fans. With the resounding success of his reappearance with the team during the testimonial match for the Duncan Ferguson memorial, a number of spectators who cheered him on his return to Goodison Park expressed their desire to see the player move back and leave his present turf in Old Trafford.
date : Aug 04, 2015 12:53 PM EDT
UK Judge Halts Trial After Muslim Swears on Bible Instead of Koran title : U.K. Judge Blames Himself for Halting Robbery Trial after Muslim Witness Swears on Bible Instead of Koran
summary : A judge in the United Kingdom placed a halt on the robbery trial of a kebab shop last week after a Muslim witness gave his testimony on a Bible instead of the Koran. Now he says that he regrets stopping the trial altogether.
date : Mar 04, 2015 05:25 PM EST