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Apple logo title : Apple Confirmed Interest In Self-Driving Technology After More Than A Year Of Speculations
summary : Apple has been tight-lipped on whether it is actually working on self-driving technology or not. This is amidst speculations and reports that the tech giant is venturing into the automotive industry. Just recently, in a move to appeal to safety regulators, Apple has sent a letter to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The content of the letter seemed to confirm the interest of the company in the further development of self-driving technology.
date : Dec 05, 2016 09:01 AM EST
Ford is getting autopilot by 2021? title : Ford 'Self-Driving' Car Release Date; Is Uber and Lyft on Their Way Out?
summary : If science fiction versions of the future have taught us anything, it is that we are headed into an age of driverless vehicles. The company who has this technology can change the world, and the one to have it first is Ford. What Ford has is a killer of Uber and Lyft.
date : Aug 18, 2016 11:51 AM EDT
Lyft Premier title : Lyft Premier Debuts Challenges UberBlack, New Service Lets You Arrive In Style
summary : If you need to get somewhere in style without having to go through the hassle of renting a nice car for the night, Lyft now offers that option in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles via Lyft Premier.
date : Jul 09, 2016 09:22 AM EDT
Paypal Co-Founder Peter Thiel title : PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Tells Post Seed 2014: 'There’s No Tech Bubble, But Many Companies Are Poorly Managed'
summary : PayPal and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel spoke to attendees at the first Post Seed 2014 Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday and told the gathering that he did not view the currently hot technology startup market as a tech bubble. "We are nowhere near the 1999/2000 insanity," said Thiel, referring to the infamous "dot com" collapse when many new technology firms failed to survive.
date : Dec 04, 2014 03:06 PM EST