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NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards title : NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Markieff Morris trade Explained; Phoenix Suns Duped twins
summary : The run for the NBA playoffs is heating up and two familiar faces emerge as potential competitors. Markieff Morris and his twin brother, Marcus, are in opposing teams that are aiming for a playoff spot. Ever since their exit from the Phoenix Suns, the two have been doing remarkably well this season. Today, basketball fans eagerly await how the Morris twins will attempt to climb the Eastern Conference which is led by LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers. Although neither of them is no longer with the Phoenix Suns, there remains a lingering bitterness in their relationship with the NBA team.
date : Mar 21, 2016 01:16 PM EDT
NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards title : NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Regret Markieff Morris Trade; Phoenix Suns Celebrate Kris Humphries, DeJuan Blair Entry
summary : The NBA trade deadline has brought in interesting moves from the basketball teams. One of the most notable swaps involve the problematic Phoenix Suns and player Markieff Morris. Following a tumultuous start of the season, the NBA team finally found a way to divest themselves of the drama that the power forward brought with him. At this point, Morris has found a new home with the Washington Wizards. Meanwhile, the John Wall squad saw the departure of Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair. They also sent a protected first-round NBA draft pick to the Phoenix Suns.
date : Feb 24, 2016 12:35 PM EST
Markieff Morris title : NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Aim for Julius Randle, D'Angelo Russell Package for Markieff Morris Trade
summary : The Phoenix Suns have been quite open with the possibility of letting go Markieff Morris since the beginning of the basketball season. With the public blowout involving the Morris twins and the team, it has become expected that NBA trade rumors will be surrounding the parties. However, it looks like the basketball teams in the league are not at all that interested in trading for Morris. Despite being with his desire to get out of the Phoenix Suns, no takers have come forward thus far.
date : Feb 17, 2016 07:19 PM EST
Detroit Pistons rumored to acquire Markieff Morris out of Phoenix Suns. title : NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Seal Markieff Morris Trade; Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans Interested?
summary : The relationship of the Phoenix Suns with NBA star Markieff Morris has deteriorated steadily in the past months. The most recent public spectacle concerning both parties saw Morris throwing a towel at Jeff Hornacek. The coach, who is in the position of power and authority, was no doubt humiliated and disrespected in front of the basketball community and of his peers. Moreover, the erring NBA star has committed the act following a disappointing showing of the Phoenix Suns in the hardwood court.
date : Dec 26, 2015 03:11 PM EST
Detroit Pistons rumored to acquire Markieff Morris out of Phoenix Suns. title : NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Start Markieff Morris trade Talks
summary : The Phoenix Suns and Markieff Morris started off the NBA season on the wrong foot. The two camps initially had to work their issues following the unexpected trade of Marcus Morris to the Detroit Pistons during the offseason. The rift between the two parties even went as far as the NBA commissioner fining the Phoenix Suns star due to his hostile behavior against his basketball team. While all seems well as of late, rumors are once again cropping up regarding a possible trade with the remaining Morris twin in the roster.
date : Dec 14, 2015 02:03 PM EST
Detroit Pistons rumored to acquire Markieff Morris out of Phoenix Suns. title : NBA Rumors: Detroit Pistons Might Grab Markieff Morris From Phoenix Suns; Wingman Eric Griffin Placed On Waivers
summary : The Detroit Pistons might be interested in reuniting the Morris twins as the team is reportedly ‘monitoring’ Markieff Morris’ current situation with the Phoenix Suns. The team is said to be interested in a potential trade for the controversial power forward. Meanwhile, in an attempt to trim its roster down to 15, the Detroit Pistons has officially announced the release of high-flying wingman Eric Griffin.
date : Oct 09, 2015 09:41 AM EDT
Markieff Morris title : NBA News, Rumors: Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris Shuns Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers
summary : The drama between the Phoenix Suns and Markieff Morris, which unfolded throughout the NBA offseason, appears to be heading to a close as both parties attempt to make amends prior to the start of the basketball season. With the change of heart of Markieff Morris in terms of his allegiance and desire to be with the Phoenix Suns this season, the rumors regarding his potential trade to other NBA teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers have now been laid to rest.
date : Sep 29, 2015 01:22 PM EDT
title : NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns Might Trade Markieff Morris For New York Knick's Carmelo Anthony
summary : The saga between Markieff Morris and the Phoenix Suns continues and now, new reports suggest that the supposedly degrading relationship between the power forward and his team my lead to a trade off before the next season. The Phoenix Suns might be looking to trade Markieff Morris for the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony.
date : Sep 15, 2015 03:00 AM EDT
title : NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris Tweets About Possible Trade, NBA Responds With $10,000 Fine
summary : The National Basketball Association has announced that it is imposing a $10,000 fine against Markieff Morris for releasing public statements that are deemed “detrimental” to the league. Last week, Morris sent out a tweet suggesting that he no longer wants to be part of the Phoenix Suns.
date : Sep 10, 2015 12:01 PM EDT
title : NBA Rumors: Terrence Jones Wants Out After Houston Traded Twin Brother to Detroit; Rockets To Trade to Jones With Markieff Morris
summary : The Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns are reportedly close to inking a deal to swap Terrence Jones and Markieff Morris, who are both power forwards for their respective teams. The only factors that are said to hinder the agreement is the league’s luxury tax rules and salary cap.
date : Sep 04, 2015 01:32 PM EDT
Markieff Morris title : Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: LeBron James Might Welcome Markieff Morris; Cavs Eye Potential Tristan Thompson Trade with Phoenix Suns
summary : A solution might be in the horizon for two NBA teams currently embroiled in a tumultuous situation with their players. With the outright announcement of Markieff Morris regarding his desire to get out of the Phoenix Suns as soon as possible and the stalemate situation confronted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in terms re-signing LeBron James' close buddy, Tristan Thompson, a potential deal between the two NBA teams could bring peace in the locker rooms once and for all.
date : Aug 19, 2015 02:08 AM EDT
Markieff Morris title : NBA Trade News and Rumors: San Antonio Spurs LaMarcus Aldridge Cost Suns' Morris Twins Loss; Celtics Offer Three Players, NBA Draft Pick for Markieff Morris
summary : The Philadelphia Suns might lose another star player. In an interview earlier this week, NBA star Markieff Morris has expressed his disappointment over the way things were handled in the Philadelphia Suns locker room, citing the "disrespectful" management style as a reason for his desire to get off the team. Saying that he no longer cares with regard the perception of the Philadelphia Suns of his behavior, Markieff Morris shared his discontent on his current NBA team.
date : Aug 13, 2015 03:18 AM EDT