Tag : Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Edge 3 title : Microsoft Edge Gets Exclusive 4K Netflix Streaming, Includes New Gilmore Girl Episodes
summary : How does 4K Netflix streaming sounds on PC? You might want to skip your smart TV for your computer. Microsoft just announced that Netflix contents can now be streamed exclusively on Microsoft Edge. Specifically, the streaming media provider's 4K catalog will be available through the Windows 10 browser including the new Gilmore Girl episodes.
date : Nov 22, 2016 11:54 AM EST
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 title : Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors, Release Date Updates; Windows 10 Anniversary Update and How to Download
summary : The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was quite a hit upgrade for the device, and so it really stands to reason that a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is on the way. After all, the Surface Pro 4 and its companion the Surface Book came out at October of last year. So what is going to happen with the Surface Pro 5, with its release date, rumors, and updates. Speaking of updates, there is a Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and here's how to download it.
date : Aug 02, 2016 09:05 PM EDT
Windows 10 title : Forced Windows 10 Upgrade Results In $10k Judgment Award to Woman
summary : A lady who was forced to upgrade her computer to Windows 10 was awarded $10k by the court.
date : Jun 28, 2016 01:36 PM EDT
Windows 10 Logo title : Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Update; Improvements Address Upgrading Problems and Software Issues of Windows 7, 8.1 Users
summary : Microsoft is again addressing the Windows 10 upgrade problems that users have reported. The latest upgrades aim to smoothen the process of installing small updates for Window 7 and 8.1 users.
date : Dec 03, 2015 03:05 PM EST
Lumia 950 and 950 XL title : Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL Release Date; AT&T To Accept Pre-Order Online For Lumia 950
summary : Good news for fans of Microsoft's flagship smartphone, the Microsoft Lumia 950 as telecom mobile service provider AT&T announced it would start accepting online pre-order for the handsets on Tuesday (Nov. 17), with the retain inventory ready for delivery on Friday (Nov. 20).
date : Nov 17, 2015 12:40 PM EST
Leaked Microsoft Lumia prototype title : Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940 XL Release Date With Windows 10: Microsoft to Unveil Smartphones In October 19 Event
summary : Microsoft will have its own even in New York on October 19 where the tech giant is expected to unveil its two flagship smartphones, the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, along with launching the Surface Pro 4 for tablet fans.
date : Sep 09, 2015 02:08 AM EDT
Windows 10 title : Windows 10 Upgrade Problems: How to Reserve Windows 10 and Common Error Messages
summary : Ever since Windows 10 was released last week, a lot users have upgraded, but many users have been experiencing certain problems with their upgrade. The following is an instruction on how a Windows 7 or 8.1 user can upgrade to Windows 10, as well as a list of common error messages that users have complained about over the weekend as they have attempted to upgrade.
date : Aug 03, 2015 01:24 PM EDT
Lumia title : Microsoft Lumia 940, 840 Release Date: Microsoft to Expedite Launch After Discontinuing Sale of Lumia 830
summary : Technology giant Microsoft has quietly discontinued the Lumina 830, fueling speculation that both the Lumina 840 and 940 could be launched sooner than expected.
date : Apr 29, 2015 02:16 AM EDT
Surface Pro 4 title : Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date and Specs: Windows 10 Could Be Released in Late July
summary : Technology giant Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be released in late July, fueling speculation that the Surface Pro 4 could be launched sooner than expected.
date : Apr 24, 2015 06:40 PM EDT
Nokia Lumia title : Microsoft Lumia 940, 940 XL Release Date and Specs: New Windows 10 Flagship Devices May Feature 25 MP Camera
summary : After Microsoft acquired Nokia last year and renamed it Microsoft Mobile, the company is now set to launch some new Lumina devices, in particular two flagship-grade and two mid-range devices.
date : Apr 24, 2015 02:54 AM EDT
Windows 10 title : Windows 10 Free Upgrade, Release Date: Microsoft to Offer Owners of Windows 7 and 8 Pirated Copies
summary : In a highly unusual move by any tech company in the United States, Microsoft has decided to offer those who have pirated copies of Windows 7 and 8 a chance to freely upgrade to Windows 10 later this year.
date : Mar 19, 2015 02:38 AM EDT
Windows 10 title : Windows 10 Event Live Stream Online: How to Watch, What to Expect from Microsoft’s Wednesday Announcement
summary : Microsoft is set to unveil Windows 10 at an event on Wednesday that should provide consumers information on how the software company’s latest operating system works.
date : Jan 20, 2015 10:01 PM EST