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Adrian Peterson title : NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers Silently Consider Adrian Peterson Contract; Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson Eager To Meet RB
summary : The Green Bay Packers were early favorites in the NFL season. However, their Super Bowl journey was cut short with the ferocious play of the Atlanta Falcons. While Aaron Rodgers and his squad failed to meet the New England Patriots this year, many believe that they would once again be serious contenders this season. With this in mind, an Adrian Peterson contract is said to be the most reasonable move for the Jordy Nelson team moving forward.
date : Mar 28, 2017 06:23 AM EDT
Adrian Peterson title : NFL Rumors: San Francisco 49ers Open to Adrian Peterson Contract; Carlos Hyde, Blaine Gabbert Get Vet RB
summary : The San Francisco 49ers are expected to go on rebuild mode if their free agency bets fall apart. With the speculated Colin Kaepernick trade and the impending exit of Blain Gabbert soon, the Mike Davis team would have a reasonable cap space to bring in someone with a proven track record. This opens the possibility to a Adrian Peterson contract this season.
date : Feb 27, 2017 03:07 AM EST
Adrian Peterson title : NFL Playoff Predictions: Minnesota Vikings to Edge Out Indianapolis Colts with Adrian Peterson’s Return
summary : The return of Adrian Peterson from injured reserve could be exactly what the Minnesota Vikings need in order to gain an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The running back was recently cleared to practice with the team earlier this week.
date : Dec 16, 2016 10:02 AM EST
Stefon Diggs title : NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings’ Stefon Diggs to Miss Thanksgiving Day Game Vs. Detroit Lions Due to Injury
summary : Stefon Diggs has been listed as questionable in the Thanksgiving Day game between the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions. That means that if he's unable to play, then his absence would certainly deal a huge blow to the Vikings offense.
date : Nov 24, 2016 09:40 AM EST
Mike Zimmer title : Minnesota Vikings’ Norv Turner Officially Resigns, Says Career ‘Wasn’t Working’
summary : In a very surprising move, Norv Turner has officially resigned as the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings midway through the regular NFL season. According to Turner, his stay with the Vikings was just not working out.
date : Nov 03, 2016 11:13 AM EDT
Teddy Bridgewater title : NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings’ Teddy Bridgewater Could Be Forced Into Early Retirement
summary : Following Teddy Bridgewater's injury, the Minnesota Vikings expected to see the quarterback return to the field after a couple of weeks into the 2016 NFL season. However, medical experts doubt if he'll still be able to play at all based on his condition.
date : Oct 28, 2016 09:54 AM EDT
Minnesota Vikings title : NFL Rumors: Kyle Roberts to Replace Minnesota Vikings’ Andre Smith After Getting Placed On IR
summary : The Minnesota Vikings are currently enjoying a five-game winning streak in the 2016 NFL season but that could change that they have lost one of their offensive tackles. Since Andre Smith was placed on the injured reserve list, the Vikings could look to sign a free agent into their roster, such as Kyle Roberts.
date : Oct 11, 2016 11:27 AM EDT
Adrian Peterson title : Will Minnesota Vikings Retain Former MVP Adrian Peterson After Placing Him on Injured Reserve Roster
summary : The Minnesota Vikings have officially placed running back Adrian Peterson on injured reserve due to his torn lateral meniscus. Since his condition will sideline him for a very long time, would the team be as loyal to him as he is to the team and not waive him?
date : Sep 27, 2016 01:06 PM EDT
Adrian Peterson title : Adrian Peterson’s Injury News: Here’s How the Vikings Would Benefit from It
summary : Following Teddy Bridgewater's injury, the Minnesota Vikings are facing another problem after it was confirmed that Adrian Peterson has torn meniscus in his right knee. However, this doesn't automatically mean that the Vikings will get a replacement running back.
date : Sep 21, 2016 09:03 AM EDT
Teddy Bridgewater title : NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings to Release Teddy Bridgewater After Gruesome Knee Injury
summary : After suffering a gruesome injury during the NFL preseason, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater could end up getting released by the Minnesota Vikings. This would depend on how Sam Bradford will perform with the team during the 2016 NFL season.
date : Sep 08, 2016 10:03 AM EDT
Sam Bradford title : Vikings-Eagles Trade Update: Minnesota GM Rick Spielman Explains Huge Price He Had to Pay for Sam Bradford
summary : Rick Spielman, the general manager of the Minnesota Vikings, revealed that he had to pay a huge price just to secure Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles. According to the executive, due to Teddy Bridgewater's injury, he had no other choice but to trade for Bradford.
date : Sep 06, 2016 10:44 AM EDT
Mike Glennon title : NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings to Bring in Mike Glennon as Replacement QB
summary : With Teddy Bridgewater out for the rest of the 2016 NFL season, it seems the Minnesota Vikings could have a new quarterback in the form of Mike Glennon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This rumor popped up after Glennon emerged as the winner of a recent poll.
date : Sep 02, 2016 01:18 PM EDT
Teddy Bridgewater title : NFL Rumors: Vikings Looking to Get Mark Sanchez Following Terry Bridgewater’s Injury
summary : Earlier this week, the Minnesota Vikings announced that Teddy Bridgewater has suffered a torn ACL and will sit out the entire 2016 NFL season. Without a starting quarterback, the Vikings could look to getting Mark Sanchez from the Denver Broncos.
date : Sep 01, 2016 11:34 AM EDT
NFL 2016 title : Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings Live Stream Free (NBC Start Time): Watch Online 2016 NFL NFC Wild Card Playoff & Radio Stations
summary : The Seattle Seahawks finished the regular season in a high note, winning eight of their last 10 games. Now, they are hoping to carry that momentum to a NFC wild card playoff match up against Minnesota Vikings.
date : Jan 09, 2016 12:38 AM EST
Arizona Cardinals Vs Minnesota Vikings title : Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals Live Stream Free: Watch Online NFL Thursday Night Football, Preview And Predictions
summary : Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals will face each other on Thursday night. The winner will have a huge playoff slot advantage, so this will be a huge game for the two division leaders.
date : Dec 10, 2015 02:19 PM EST
San Francisco 49ers Jarryd Hayne title : San Francisco 49ers Jarryd Hayne Fails To Impress in First Game Win; Reggie Bush To Miss Face Off With Pittsburgh Steelers
summary : The San Francisco 49ers have been making headlines since the NFL team began training during the offseason. Although a number of players have been signed and traded, the entry of Australian rugby star Jarryd Hayne in the San Francisco 49ers roster caught the attention of fans and followers of the NFL. Since the moment Jarryd Hayne stepped in the field to try his luck at making the 53-man roster of the San Francisco 49ers, the Australian star already had a lot of followers who tirelessly cheered him on throughout the practice sessions.
date : Sep 16, 2015 09:55 AM EDT
Cam Newton title : NFL Rumors: Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton Struggles with Kelvin Benjamin Loss, But Identified As Top Three Quarterbacks This Season
summary : The Carolina Panthers have been trying to cope with the remaining NFL stars in its roster. With the 2015 NFL regular season started, the Carolina Panthers are becoming increasingly dependent on quarterback Cam Newton to carry the them to victory. However, the loss of one of his key teammates during training camp, Kelvin Benjamin, has visibly weakened Newton's ability to perform up to par.
date : Sep 04, 2015 01:39 PM EDT
Adrian Peterson title : NFL News and Rumors: Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson, Teddy Bridgewater Keys to Super Bowl Win; NFL Team Release Joe Banyard, Brandon Bostick
summary : The Minnesota Vikings are facing difficult times ahead as the NFL team determine which among the stars in its roster would have to be let go and who to retain for the 53-man roster. At the moment, the Minnesota Vikings have 78 NFL stars in their roster following the release of 11 players over the weekend. The number of teammates of Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson are expected to dwindle once the regular NFL season begins.
date : Sep 01, 2015 08:09 AM EDT
Tony Romo title : Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys Live Stream Free (Start Time): How to Watch 2015 NFL Preseason Online
summary : One of the most widely anticipated games this 2015 NFL preseason is the match between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL preseason match between the two teams will be held on Saturday (August 29) at 11:00 am (MHT). The game will see the Dallas Cowboys play host to the Minnesota Vikings at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
date : Aug 28, 2015 09:05 AM EDT
New York Jets title : NFL Trade News: New York Jets Eye Eagles, Vikings Quartebacks To Sub Geno Smith, Sign Arizona Cardinals Star
summary : The locker room scuffle between New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith and linebacker IK Enemkpali over a plane ticket worth US$600 cost the latter his spot in the NFL team roster.
date : Aug 13, 2015 03:23 AM EDT
Garrett Hartley title : Pittsburgh Steelers Trade News: Team Reject Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Bobcat Kickers, Chooses Former New Orleans Saints Vet to Replace Shaun Suisham
summary : Amid the efforts of the Pittsburgh Steelers to firm up the NFL team's opening roster comes yet another injury that posed a step backwards for the group that has been gunning to take home the Super Bowl title since 2008. The weekend saw an injury suffered by Pittsburgh Steelers veteran kicker Shaun Suisham during a match against the Minnesota Vikings. According to NFL reporter Conor Orr, the Pittsburgh Steelers kicker suffered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee. Due to this injury, Suisham is reported to be out for the entire 2015 NFL season.
date : Aug 12, 2015 06:31 AM EDT
Jose Bautista title : Blue Jays Slam Umpire Despite Win Over Royals; Kansas City Star Accuses Toronto Player of 'Pimping' His Actions
summary : The victory of the Toronto Blue Jays over the Kansas City Royals (5 - 2) this weekend is overshadowed by the escalating feud between the two MLB teams as tempers flared due to the calls made by the umpire during the game.
date : Aug 04, 2015 12:33 PM EDT
Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings title : Adrian Peterson May Retire From Football after NFL Rejects Appeal
summary : Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, 29, lost his appeal to overturn his suspension in the NFL. As a result, he is now considering other career options, which may include pursuing his dream to compete in the Olympics.
date : Dec 15, 2014 06:26 PM EST
Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings 2013 NFL Week 12 title : Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Live Stream: Week 12 Predictions, Key Matchups and More
summary : The Green Bay Packers are in an unprecedented offensive hot streak, reaching the 50-point mark in back-to-back contests. However, the Minnesota Vikings will try to halt them in their tracks.
date : Nov 22, 2014 12:03 AM EST
Adrian Peterson title : Adrian Peterson Son Died: Christian NFL Players, Viking Teammates Pour in Condolences and Prayers
summary : Christian NFL players offered their condolences and prayers to Minnesota Viking's Adrian Peterson after news broke that his 2-year-old son died Friday afternoon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, hospital.
date : Oct 11, 2013 11:55 PM EDT
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