Tag : Mobile World Congress 2016
MWC 2016 Samsung title : Samsung MWC 2016 Press Conference Schedule, Dates, Start Time, Live Stream and Preview
summary : After months of speculation, Samsung will finally present their newest flagship device, the Galaxy S7. The South Korean phone manufacturer is scheduled to conduct its Unpacked Event on Sunday, Feb. 21 at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress. Now, we'll give you details on how to watch the press conference live via online streaming.
date : Feb 17, 2016 07:05 PM EST
HTC phone title : HTC One M10 Release Date Rumors Point To Launch on April 11
summary : We've been reading a lot of speculations about HTC One M10 (Perfume) for quite some time now. It is believed to be the HTC's big return after One M9 failed to meet the expectations of tech market. Now, here's the latest round up of news about HTC One M10 release date, specs and features.
date : Feb 11, 2016 10:03 AM EST
The Mobile World Congress 2016 is on Feb. 22 to Feb. 25. title : MWC 2016 Dates and Schedule, Live Stream: Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi, Sony, LG Release New Devices
summary : In line with the upcoming Mobile World Congress this month, several tech companies like LG, Samsung, and Sony are set to launch their flagships.
date : Feb 09, 2016 03:05 PM EST
HTC phone title : HTC One M10 Release Date: New HTC Phone Ready to Outlast Samsung Galaxy S6; Know Its Specs and Features Update
summary : HTC had disappointing sales last year after a lukewarm response to the One M9. But now, the Taiwan-based tech company is set to lure back their customers and attract new ones as they launch the HTC One M10. Forbes described the smartphone as the biggest rival of Galaxy S6.
date : Feb 02, 2016 01:21 AM EST
the Gear 360 title : Samsung's Gear 360 VR Camera and Galaxy S7 Set To Debut on Feb. 21 MWC: Know their Release Date, Specs and Features Update
summary : Tech companies are now racing to development to most advanced virtual-reality gadget. Now, Samsung will join the immersive 360-degree video camera market. CNET reported that Samsung is set to release the Gear 360 alongside the Galaxy S7, the latest flagship from company.
date : Feb 02, 2016 01:34 AM EST
HTC phone title : HTC One M10 Release Date, Specs, and Rumors; New Flagship Phone Set To Have Many Upgrades
summary : The previous HTC One M9 failed to meet the expectation of the phone users around the world, but this time, the Taiwanese-tech conglomerate aims to bounce back when they launch the Htc One M10. The latest flagship device promises to have brand-new features and several improvements.
date : Dec 28, 2015 09:25 AM EST