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NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz title : NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Eye Ben McLemore Trade; Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge Train Ex Kings Star
summary : The San Antonio Spurs are slowly easing the transition to a new era, which features the new big three in Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and LaMarcus Aldridge, following the Tim Duncan retirement news this NBA offseason and the anticipated exit of both Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili soon. With the Golden State Warriors winning the Kevin Durant free agency and Russell Westbrook potentially reaching his peak with the Oklahoma City Thunder next season, the Pau Gasol team foresees their struggle in the Western Conference. Hence, it comes as no surprise that a Ben McLemore trade is in the works.
date : Aug 16, 2016 10:08 PM EDT
Baron Davis title : NBA Rumors: Baron Davis Planning Comeback; Return to New York Knicks Likely
summary : Baron Davis, a former point guard for the New York Knicks and current player at the Drew League in Los Angeles, has expressed his interest in returning to the NBA. According to the athlete, he's currently waiting for a team to invite him to a workout session and hopefully offer him a contract.
date : Aug 16, 2016 09:01 AM EDT
DeMarcus Cousins title : NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins Hints at Trade with Chicago Bulls
summary : It has long been rumored that the Sacramento Kings and Chicago Bulls are working out a trade deal for DeMarcus Cousins. This deal could actually push through since Cousins has hinted that he wants to play for the Bulls.
date : Aug 16, 2016 09:01 AM EDT
Kevin Love title : NBA Rumors: Three-Way Trade Involving Kevin Love, DeMarcus Cousins and D’Angelo Russell Underway?
summary : For some time now, Kevin Love has been in the center of trade rumors involving the Cleveland Cavaliers. But, according to new reports, it seems the team is preparing to release Love through a three-way trade involving the Sacramento Kings' DeMarcus Cousins and the Los Angeles Lakers' D'Angelo Russell.
date : Aug 16, 2016 09:02 AM EDT
LeBron James title : NBA Rumors: LeBron James Puts Pressure on Cleveland Cavaliers to Sign J.R. Smith
summary : LeBron James has joined in in putting the pressure on the Cleveland Cavaliers to re-sign J.R. Smith. He made the statement just before he inked his new contract with the Cavs.
date : Aug 16, 2016 09:02 AM EDT
Rudy Gay title : NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Confirm Rudy Gay Trade; D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle Welcome New Leader
summary : The Los Angeles Lakers have a problem. The Kobe Bryant team has loads of cash to spend with no basketball stars interested in joining their team. Following the exit of the Black Mamba, the Los Angeles Lakers front office have been trying their best to sign NBA All-Star athletes only to find players like Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose sign elsewhere. As failure looms heavily above the D'Angelo Russell squad, it looks like hope now comes in the form of a Rudy Gay trade courtesy of the Sacramento Kings.
date : Aug 16, 2016 06:35 AM EDT
Chris Bosh title : NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Letting Go of Chris Bosh?
summary : The start of the 2016-2017 NBA season is getting closer but there are still no details yet regarding Chris Bosh's status with the Miami Heat. But, according to new reports, the team could end up deciding to waive his contract.
date : Aug 15, 2016 10:46 AM EDT
Kristaps Porzingis title : NBA Rumors: Kristaps Porzingis to Lose Starting Position with Knicks to Make Way for Carmelo Anthony at Power Forward
summary : The New York Knicks are reportedly planning on making a few changes to its lineup in preparation for the upcoming NBA season. However, these could lead to Kristaps Porzingis getting demoted as the team's sixth man.
date : Aug 15, 2016 10:46 AM EDT
Rudy Gay title : NBA Rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves Offering Top Player for Sacramento Kings’ Rudy Gay
summary : Reports suggest that the Minnesota Timberwolves are highly considering getting Rudy Gay from the Sacramento Kings through a trade. In exchange the team is reportedly willing to give up point guard Ricky Rubio.
date : Aug 15, 2016 10:47 AM EDT
J.R. Smith title : NBA Rumors: Why Hasn’t J.R. Smith Re-Signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers Yet? Is the Offer too Small?
summary : The NBA's free agency season is now over but J.R. Smith still does not have a new contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is a bit peculiar especially since the team has already secured coach Tyronn Lue and LeBron James.
date : Aug 15, 2016 10:47 AM EDT
LeBron James title : NBA Rumors: Here’s What LeBron James’ 3-Year Contract Means for the ‘Banana Boat’ Gang
summary : LeBron James has finalized his deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers by signing a three-year contract worth $100 million. Although some say that he actually lost money in the deal, some speculate that his contract could mean something bigger for his banana boat gang, which consists of Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul.
date : Aug 15, 2016 10:47 AM EDT
Jeremy Lin title : NBA Rumors: Hornets’ Nic Batum and Kemba Walker Open Up About Jeremy Lin’s Departure
summary : Kemba Walker and Nic Batum of the Charlotte Hornets admitted that it was hard watching Jeremy Lin walk away from the team to join the Brooklyn Nets. But, despite the team's loss, they noted that they're happy that their former teammate has landed a better opportunity in the NBA.
date : Aug 12, 2016 09:04 AM EDT
Draymond Green title : NBA Rumors: Warriors Having Second Thoughts on Keeping Draymond Green; Trade with Pelicans Likely
summary : Aside from Stephen Curry, Draymond Green has been a dominating force for the Golden State Warriors. However, according to recent reports, Green might end up being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis.
date : Aug 12, 2016 09:05 AM EDT
Ben Simmons title : NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons to Serve as Philadelphia 76ers’ Point Guard
summary : Brett Brown, the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, has a very interesting vision for his team next season. According to the coach, he is planning on making Ben Simmons play the point guard position.
date : Aug 12, 2016 09:05 AM EDT
Rudy Gay title : NBA Rumors: Here’s Why Other Teams Won’t Go After Sacramento Kings’ Rudy Gay Through a Trade
summary : For some time now, Rudy King of the Sacramento Kings has been at the center of recent trade rumors. Although some are suggesting that the defending champion the Cleveland Cavaliers will most likely go after him, there's a very big chance that Gay will not be traded.
date : Aug 12, 2016 09:05 AM EDT
Mario Chalmers title : NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Confirm 1-Year Mario Chalmers Contract; Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis Thrilled Over New PG
summary : The New York Knicks are in for a challenging NBA season as they open the 2016-17 games with a match against the Cleveland Cavaliers featuring LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. While Carmelo Anthony managed to lure Chicago Bulls superstars Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade in the roster, the Kristaps Porzingis team remain on the lookout for basketball players with a winner mentality. Hence, the addition of Mario Chalmers in the New York Knicks is said to be the best move for the Carmelo Anthony team.
date : Aug 12, 2016 02:54 AM EDT
title : NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Mull Over Blake Griffin Trade; Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan Recruit Clippers PF
summary : The Toronto Raptors are considered very strong contenders against the Cleveland Cavaliers of LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the Eastern Conference. With Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan carrying the NBA team in the 2016 playoffs, a lot of fans compared their performance to the then teammates Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. However, the Toronto Raptors still fell short in taking the crown from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hence, a Blake Griffin trade is said to be on its way to Toronto soon.
date : Aug 11, 2016 11:04 PM EDT
LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers title : NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Seal JR Smith Contract; LeBron James, Kyrie Irving Convince PG Return
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers just sealed the deal with LeBron James, who signed for a three-year deal with the Kyrie Irving team, and the JR Smith contract appears to have also reached its final stage. In his announcement, King James himself shared that the Kevin Love team must now focus on the former New York Knicks star. That is, LeBron James expects a JR Smith contract "done" now.
date : Aug 11, 2016 09:29 PM EDT
NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz title : NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Announce Rudy Gay Trade; Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili Welcome Ex Kings
summary : The Tim Duncan retirement announcement has left a void in the San Antonio Spurs roster. While Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green gear up to take the place of the Big Three, which include Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, head coach Gregg Popovich is searching for NBA All-Star players to help the team beat the Golden State Warriors super team composed of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. As the offseason heats up, the San Antonio Spurs is said to be expected to announce their latest acquisition: Rudy Gay.
date : Aug 11, 2016 08:08 PM EDT
2016 NBA Draft title : NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Target Ben Simmons Contract; Hassan Whiteside, Justise Winslow Want Sixers Big Man
summary : The Miami Heat are in a roster rebuilding mode in the past weeks especially in light of the Dwyane Wade exit. Without LeBron James and possibly Chris Bosh, not to mention their failure to win the Kevin Durant free agency campaign, the Hassan Whiteside squad is headed to another era. However, it looks like they lack one thing - a franchise face. While the NBA team bulk up their roster, Pat Riley is said to be targeting a Ben Simmons trade to bring home to the Miami Heat its very own Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan or Carmelo Anthony.
date : Aug 11, 2016 07:18 PM EDT
NBA: Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks title : NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Hint At Chris Bosh Trade; Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo Campaign For Miami Heat Star
summary : The Chicago Bulls brought in the biggest acquisition this NBA offseason when they signed Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat fame into their roster. Apart from D-Wade, the Jimmy Butler squad also landed Rajon Rondo from the Sacramento Kings. However, it looks like a Miami Heat Big Three reunion sans LeBron James will be seen in the Chicago Bulls locker room soon as Chris Bosh is said to be nearing a contract with the Nikola Mirotic squad.
date : Aug 11, 2016 06:50 PM EDT
Derek Fisher title : NBA Rumors: Former Knicks Coach Derek Fisher Preparing for Comeback; Return to OKC Thunder Likely?
summary : It seems Derek Fisher, the former head coach of the New York Knicks, has been preparing to make an NBA comeback but as a player again. Although it is not yet certain if he'll be able to make a comeback, there's a chance that he might end up with the team that he used to play for.
date : Aug 11, 2016 09:35 AM EDT
Matt Bonner title : NBA Rumors: Matt Bonner Moving Overseas After Getting Snubbed by San Antonio Spurs
summary : Power forward Matt Bonner has already accepted the fact that he will probably no longer be able to play for the San Antonio Spurs again. Because of this, he could end up playing basketball overseas instead.
date : Aug 11, 2016 09:37 AM EDT
Kevin Durant title : NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Returning to Oklahoma City in February for Warriors vs. Thunders Game
summary : According to NBA Insiders, the Oklahoma City Thunder's first home game will be against the Golden State Warriors in February next year. This means that this could be the first time that Kevin Durant will be in Oklahoma City for a game ever since he joined the Warriors.
date : Aug 11, 2016 09:38 AM EDT
Kevin Love title : NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Moving Kevin Love to Lakers During Mid-Season Next Year
summary : If the Cleveland Cavaliers really want to secure their title next season, then one way they can ensure this is by trading away Kevin Love for a more reliable and effective player. Specifically, the team could explore trade options with the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr.
date : Aug 11, 2016 09:39 AM EDT
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