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NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Toronto Raptors title : NBA Rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves Ricky Rubio Open to Trade; PG 'Understands' Need for Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins Growth
summary : The Minnesota Timberwolves are teeming at the seams with unbelievable talent this NBA season. With the seemingly never-ending growth of Andrew Wiggins, who is usually pegged as the next Kobe Bryant, along with the notable development of Karl-Anthony Towns, the Kevin Garnett squad is set to become a dominant team in the league soon. However, the Minnesota Timberwolves remain at the bottom of the Western Conference - almost 50 games behind the Golden State Warriors. Despite the skills of Zach Lavine and his team, the group is still eons away from beating the Stephen Curry squad.
date : Feb 29, 2016 09:37 AM EST
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Memphis Grizzlies title : Kobe Bryant Retirement Tour: Bryant Hopes and Prays to Mend Relationship With His Parents
summary : The Los Angeles Lakers are dealing with a number of pressing matters this NBA season. Amid the issues, which involve the development of young stars like D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle, the basketball team is most focused on one thing: the retirement tour of Kobe Bryant. With the impending departure of the Black Mamba, the games of the Los Angeles Lakers have often been seen as avenues for fans from both the public and NBA community to pay tribute to the basketball icon.
date : Feb 26, 2016 07:56 PM EST
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Chicago Bulls title : NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Abandons Selfish Ways; Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol 'Benefit' From Reformed Leader
summary : The Chicago Bulls have been working on climbing their way up in the Eastern Conference this NBA season. With a devastating loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the previous year, the Pau Gasol squad is looking into ways to finally beat LeBron James and his basketball team. Apart from making changes in their plays and developing their skills in the hardwood court, the Joakim Noah team appears to be making progress in establishing camaraderie and chemistry among the NBA stars in the roster.
date : Feb 26, 2016 07:56 PM EST
NBA: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers title : NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Surrender Carmelo Anthony; All-star Mulls Over Joining LeBron James, Kevin Love
summary : The New York Knicks have been performing infinitely better this year than they did last NBA season. With a more focused basketball team and a new head coach, the Kristaps Porzingis squad have managed to surpass their previous record smoothly. While the efforts from the Robin Lopez team are commendable, there remains a huge possibility that the New York Knick will fail to make the playoffs this season - again.
date : Feb 26, 2016 07:56 PM EST
NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz title : NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Finally Achieve Peace; Dwight Howard, James Harden Promote Harmony and Friendship
summary : The Houston Rockets have been in trouble since the NBA season started. For starters, James Harden had been reportedly distracted due to his rumored romance with Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian. The there is the matter of Ty Lawson failing to fit into the plays and taking too much time resolving his off-court issues. Amid all these, the Houston Rockets also lost their head coach following an abysmal management of the players this NBA season.
date : Feb 26, 2016 07:36 PM EST
NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic title : NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Cling to Dennis Schroder; Al Horford, Kyle Korver Push For Jeff Teague Trade
summary : The Atlanta Hawks have been considered a heavy favorite in the previous NBA season. In fact, some sports analysts believed that the Jeff Teague team would be the one facing off against the unstoppable Golden State Warriors at the time. However, things came to a bitter end for the Atlanta Hawks when LeBron James reasserted his dominance in the league and carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to the top of the Eastern Conference.
date : Feb 26, 2016 07:40 PM EST
NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks title : NBA Rumors: OKC Kevin Durant Causes Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Rift; Splash Brothers fight Over Russell Westbrook Partner
summary : The basketball community is bursting at the seems with the excitement as the free agent market will be full of promising players after the NBA season. One of the most widely speculated future free agent is none other All-Star Kevin Durant. The Oklahoma City Thunder star, who has been the face of the franchise alonside Russell Westbrook, is reportedly set to earn what could be the highest salary in the NBA to date once he hits free agency. The teams interested to sign Durant include the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings and San Antonio Spurs.
date : Feb 25, 2016 09:34 AM EST
NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Toronto Raptors title : NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Resist Jonas Valanciunas Trade; Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan Turn Down Dwight Howard, Ty Lawson
summary : The Toronto Raptors are considered as a breakout team this NBA season. With the Cleveland Cavaliers attempting to keep the lead in the Eastern Conference, the Kyle Lowry squad are surprisingly gaining on the LeBron James team. Despite a healthy Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love back in the roster, the DeMar DeRozan squad are only three games away from leading the Eastern Conference - a feat that would see them potentially face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals.
date : Feb 25, 2016 09:33 AM EST
NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Orlando Magic title : NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Reject Players After 'Four or Five Minutes;' Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge Scout for New Teammates?
summary : The San Antonio Spurs are considered one of the most drama free basketball teams in the NBA. With decades under his belt as head coach, Gregg Popovich rarely stepped into the spotlight to reprimand or deal with a problematic player. Throughout the years, no scandalous issue besmirched the Tim Duncan team - a feat almost impossible to achieve in the world of sports. Despite the temptations, the Tony Parker squad has remained practically spotless in terms of criminal records and shameful tabloid stories.
date : Feb 25, 2016 09:30 AM EST
NBA: Golden State Warriors at Atlanta Hawks title : NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Hassan Whiteside Feuds With Draymond Green; Golden State Warriors PF Brags about Salary
summary : At number three in the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat are clawing their way out despite the absence of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Although the NBA team has yet to find ways to reach the LeBron James squad on top, the basketball stars stepping up to take on the leadership roles provides optimism to fans. However, it looks like big man Hassan Whiteside is not paying attention to the Cleveland Cavaliers this season.
date : Feb 25, 2016 08:51 AM EST
Ben Simmons title : NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons 2016 NBA Draft Plans Stop, LSU Tiger Star Faces 'Academic' Issues; Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers Lose Interest?
summary : The current NBA season might still be on the verge of heating up, but the competition among those included in the list of potential draft picks is definitely intense. The young basketball stars who could be part of the selection are eager to get a chance to play alongside the likes of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Tim Duncan and Kevin Durant. Moreover, the opportunity to don the jersey of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs has never lost its appeal to these up and coming stars.
date : Feb 24, 2016 12:36 PM EST
NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards title : NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Regret Markieff Morris Trade; Phoenix Suns Celebrate Kris Humphries, DeJuan Blair Entry
summary : The NBA trade deadline has brought in interesting moves from the basketball teams. One of the most notable swaps involve the problematic Phoenix Suns and player Markieff Morris. Following a tumultuous start of the season, the NBA team finally found a way to divest themselves of the drama that the power forward brought with him. At this point, Morris has found a new home with the Washington Wizards. Meanwhile, the John Wall squad saw the departure of Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair. They also sent a protected first-round NBA draft pick to the Phoenix Suns.
date : Feb 24, 2016 12:35 PM EST
Delonte West title : NBA Rumors: Ex Boston Celtics Delonte West Alarms Isaiah Thomas And Marcus Smart
summary : The NBA community welcomed the week with a shocking development involving one of its most notable basketball stars. Delonte West, a former Boston Celtics player, was photographed roaming around the streets barefoot. The 32-year-old ex NBA star appeared to be incoherent and at a loss for words when some fans attempted to interact with him.
date : Feb 23, 2016 11:57 AM EST
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Milwaukee Bucks title : NBA News & Rumors: Kobe Bryant Opens Up About Fear of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal
summary : The Los Angeles Lakers have been busy doing two things this NBA season: trying to win games with a young core that includes D'Angelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr and Julius Randle; and celebrating the farewell tour of the great Kobe Bryant. With the imminent retirement of the Black Mamba, basketball big shots like Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade all have paid tribute to his career. In his last game against the Chicago Bulls, however, Bryant himself talked about the great Michael Jordan.
date : Feb 23, 2016 08:48 AM EST
NBA: Miami Heat at Houston Rockets title : NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Fail Donatas Motiejunas Deal; Detroit Pistons Take Back Joel Anthony
summary : The Houston Rockets have been seeking ways to increase their cap space in an effort to not cross the luxury tax limit. However, the NBA team has not been successful in their search for cheaper stars and attempts to trade off players with massive contracts. For instance, NBA trade rumors have been surrounding Dwight Howard and Ty Lawson all season. While the Houston Rockets remain mum on this issue, a number of league sources revealed that the James Harden team have been looking for trade partners to get rid of the former Los Angeles Lakers star and the ex Denver Nuggets player.
date : Feb 23, 2016 08:47 AM EST
NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat title : NBA Rumors: Miami Heat lose Big Three; Luol Deng, Goran Dragic Shine Without Lose Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh
summary : The Miami Heat have seen their own fans turn against them since the previous season. With the departure of the great LeBron James from the NBA team, the once unstoppable Erik Spoelstra squad has become a thing of the past. Despite leaving behind two of the Big Three stars in the Miami Heat roster, the absence of the now Cleveland Cavaliers star appears to have taken a toll on the team. Moreover, some fans believe that the Big Three era has ended and new NBA stars should now take over.
date : Feb 23, 2016 08:46 AM EST
NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets title : NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony Slams Trade Talks; Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick Williams Reject Ricky Rubio
summary : The New York Knicks currently hold the eleventh spot in the Eastern Conference where LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers are holding the lead. Although the Kristaps Porzingis team showed a notable improvement from their record last NBA season, they remain unable to compete with the likes of the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat. In fact, the New York Knicks is widely recognized for their tendency to rely on one NBA star only: Carmelo Anthony.
date : Feb 22, 2016 11:48 AM EST
NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Oklahoma City Thunder title : NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Fail to Win Kevin Durant; OKC Star Favor Draymond Green, Stephen Curry team
summary : The Western Conference is dominated by the Golden State Warriors. However, the San Antonio Spurs are looking like championship contenders with Kawhi Leonard growing into his leadership role and LaMarcus Aldridge adapting to the Tim Duncan team. However, third placers Oklahoma City Thunder might give both the Tony Parker and Stephen Curry squads a run for their money come the NBA playoff season.
date : Feb 22, 2016 11:37 AM EST
David Lee title : NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics David Lee Finds New Home in Dallas Mavericks; Deron Williams, Chandler Parsons Welcome Center
summary : The Golden State Warriors dominated the NBA season last year with the help of center David Lee. However, the Stephen Curry squad later on figured that the 6'8" basketball star no longer served a crucial purpose for the team. That is, the Golden State Warriors could dominate the league with only Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green as the core members. With Lee holding the highest contract in the roster, the NBA champs were pushed to trade him to the Boston Celtics.
date : Feb 22, 2016 11:32 AM EST
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers title : NBA Trade Rumors: Golden State Warriors to Acquire Anderson Varejao; Kevin Durant Headed to the Bay Area After Free Agency
summary : The Golden State Warriors are reportedly among the favorites to sign former Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao once he clears waivers on Sunday following his trade from Cleveland to the Portland Trail Blazers.
date : Feb 22, 2016 11:30 AM EST
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers title : NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trailblazers, Orlando Magic trade Update Involving Anderson Varejao, Channing Frye
summary : The Cleveland Cavaliers have been open in their desire to get rid of stars who fails to fit the long-term plan of taking the NBA Finals trophy from the Golden State Warriors. Throughout the season, NBA trade rumors have hounded the LeBron James team with the likes of Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert and JR Smith speculated to be moved. However, only one widely reported rumor proved to be true when the NBA trade deadline dropped last week.
date : Feb 22, 2016 11:22 AM EST
NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Utah Jazz title : NBA Rumors: New Orleans Pelicans Swap Ryan Anderson For Greg Monroe
summary : The NBA trade deadline has generated incredible attention from basketball fans and the media. With teams circling the market like hawks in an effort to boost their chances of unseating either LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers or Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors, a number of players are tagged as key trading chips. One of the most widely talked about NBA star is Greg Monroe.
date : Feb 19, 2016 10:32 PM EST
NBA: Chicago Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves title : NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Consider Taj Gibson Trade; Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah Still in Danger
summary : The Chicago Bulls have been widely reported to be on the lookout for players that can potentially upgrade their roster. Finishing off behind the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference last NBA season, the Derrick Rose squad has been chomping at the bit to get back and beat the LeBron James team this time. However, the Chicago Bulls have fallen at the seventh spot this season and are now lagging behind the Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. To add to their worries, the Jimmy Butler squad is actually tied with the Jeremy Lin team - the struggling Charlotte Hornets.
date : Feb 19, 2016 01:28 PM EST
title : NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Rudy Gay Wants Out; SF Tired Of DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo Drama
summary : The Sacramento Kings are currently holding the tenth spot in the Western Conference. Given the unbeatable qualities of the Golden State Warriors as well as the improving performances of the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder, the DeMarcus Cousins squad might be heading to yet another year of not making the playoffs. In fact, the Sacramento Kings have failed to make the NBA playoffs in the past ten years.
date : Feb 19, 2016 01:25 PM EST
NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Oklahoma City Thunder title : NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Rejects Golden State Warriors And Los Angeles Lakers Deals, Signs OKC Extension
summary : The free agency market is a rich place for NBA teams to get a shot at the basketball stars they deem as best fit to give them the widely coveted championship trophy. One of the most talked about player whom teams are gunning for come the offseason is Kevin Durant. The Oklahoma City Thunder star has been the center of NBA trade rumors and free agency speculations since the start of the season. Despite the influx of news stories regarding his future, Durant has remained mum on the issue.
date : Feb 18, 2016 09:29 AM EST
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